Window (UPDATE... again...)

Here’s something I’ve been working on for the past while. Comments and crits are of course welcome.

EDIT: I’ve updated the image with a revised version from your suggestions.

EDIT 2: Added a night version after playing around in PS.


First off, great stuff. Hmm one of the window holes looks fake to be honest, but the rest is awesome!

i like the texture mr morten! :smiley:

Great stuff mate!

Hey, where’re all the replies? This is pretty good!
The left broken window is good, but IMO the one in the middle is kind of cheesy looking. Besids that, the only improvements I could think of is better lighting and maybe ivy crawling up the wall.

Hey all, thanks for the replies. I happen to agree with everything that’s been said so I’ve updated the image in the original post (I probably should have put this in the WIP section). Please tell me what you think.

Great work…i :heart:ed the texturing …can you post some wire frame please

Thanks GE-FORCE! The textures were a main focus of this piece; and I’m glad they came out all right. I learnt a lot in this project - not just about blender’s materials, but also texture creation.
As requested here’s a wireframe, as well as an image from the view port.


My only crit is that the green plant looks unnatural. Kinda like each leave looks the same size and colour. But I can see you’ve worked very hard on it anyway. It’s just one of those things that even the professionals struggle with.

Keep up the good work!

is that the ivy generator in action?

Ah, bravo, you really improved it. See how lighting is everything?:eyebrowlift:
I guess I give this five stars, I love it.

@redbyte: There are only two different leaf textures, so yeah they do look a bit repetitive. I simply used the default textures that came with the ivy generator. Glad to hear you liked it though!

@garuhhh: Yep. It was my first time trying it out, and I must say that it’s a brilliant program.

@blenditall: Thanks! Looking back at the original now, it looks really washed out and horrible (but then I did finish it at 2 in the morning lol). And thanks for your earlier suggestions. They gave me some good ideas.

Thanks all for the kind words!

I was playing around in Photoshop and ended up with something that (IMHO) looks half decent, so I’ve updated the first post (I just can’t stop fiddling with this hehe).

The night shot is really nice. I’d almost say it’s better than the day shot. no crits here :). Also, how did you do the leaves?

Thanks supermajic. The leaves were actually quite easy since I was using the ivy generator. It does all the hard work of creating and placing the planes; and all I had to do was import into blender and apply the textures.

great use of everything.
Ivy Generator is cool & not over done.
the house textures really make this scene a pleasure.
5 stars.

Very Nice, the texturing looks great :cool:, I actually like the day scene better than the night scene IMO, but both look really good :yes:.
Great Job 5*'s.

I like it but:

  1. The bricks look a bit too big
  2. The grout seems to be sticking out farther than the bricks, exactly the opposite of what would really happen.

But, pretty good. I think the lighting could use some work, and its not really 5-star work,
but overall pretty nice.


Great job! very realistic.

I like it a lot… Your textures match each other really good.

As it has allready been mentioned…the hole in the middle window does look fake. At first I thaught that it was textured…

What did you use to make the plant?