Window with Blinds in Cycles

Just a little test render I did a while back. Thought I would post it and see if anyone had anything to say about it. Took about 3 days solid to render, about thirty minutes to model and put materials together.


3 days to render an empty room with blinds, what is your system specs.?

Did you use the non-progressive integrator by any chance, if you didn’t then using it might help you quite a bit. The reason being that way, you can crank up the indirect diffuse samples to a very high amount compared to the other types so as to help clear much of that scene a lot faster.

What is that? (the non-progressive integrator). I just used my CPU (dual core). It was rendered in the days before tile rendering, so I just set the samples to something like 100000X10^100 and let it sit until it wasn’t grainy.

i would also look better if the window wasn’t on the floor

Yea, it was just a test, I wanted to see how the refraction of the light would look, and figured I could accomplish that better if I set it on the floor.

It actually looks really nice. Although in my opinion, removing the light on top may make it more realistic