To make a window which has a good wireframe, and can be used throughout a building. Looks pretty realistic and so on…(may try and use it in a script to generate buildings. as a base window…)


Here is a window which cannot be opened. The reason why I am doing this is because to create anything pretty much in blender. You must do it in parts and then fix the pieces together at the end.

The window shown in the picture has basic materials attatched. The wall right next to it is a different mesh all together.

Although it may seem to be an easy thing to make I believe it to be a bit more complicated to actually look realistic…


Maybe add some more edges or bevel some.

which edges, just the outside ones, Im pretty sure the inside edges shouldnt be beveled.

In real life, completly sharp non-beveled edges doesn’t exist. You should bevel all edges, but
maybe to a different degree to get more true-to-life highlights.

Beveling sharp edges is generally a very good idea. Can’t stress that enough.