WindowBLINDS or styleXP?

So, can anyone share their experiences using these with Windows XP?

I heard that WindowBLINDS takes up some RAM off your system… but it has really interesting themes, I haven’t searched much for style XP though…

I’m bored of the default windows XP theme (and cannot find any other certified themes!)


WindowBlinds has been buggy, slow and of course costs money. I’ve tried it off and on since before version 1.0, never liked it.

StyleXP uses windows own theme engine, but essentially makes it so you can use non-signed themes. Windows’ theme engine (uxtheme.dll) requires MS signed themes. This application circumvents this requirement. This costs money and looks terrible.

The link below is to a neowin cracked version of the UXtheme that circumvents the need for signed themes, but this is free.

DA visual styles section:
Neowin visual styles forum:

There’s also an app called styler which I’ve used briefly when it first came out, but it was a catastrophe. Buggy as all get out.

Yay! finally!

[probably less minimalistic than my current classic theme setup, but more shiny things to come]

If it says cracked then doesn’t it mean it’s illegal? Because you’d be robbing the people who made it of their money.

I’ts kind of like removing the speed governor from your car… it’s YOUR CAR, you OUGHT TO be able to do this kind of thing

it’s disabling the check that a theme is signed [by microsoft], so any theme you download can be installed. They’re distributing a program to patch the dll as opposed to the actual cracked dll because microsoft would sue them to oblivion.

Just use bb4win or xoblite, and you’ll never know you have a windows machine :wink:


ps. okok, except when you use the windows explorer :slight_smile:

I like Windows Blinds myself. I have never had any issues with it being buggy. It does add a Process, but it doesn’t use up much memory; usually less than 512kbs. I use some of the free themes featured on

I am currently using StyleXP its good, fast, uses barely any resources, with the latest you have transparancy, anyway if it costs money find a crack :smiley:

LOL you’re my kinda guy!

yeah, i had styleXP for a while (until my reformat). it worked reallt well, and the website has TONS OF THEMES MWUAHAHA IM CRAZY. anyways, its here:

TONS OF COOL themes:

it was never buggy for me at all (unless you get a crappy theme, only happened once to me), and you can make your own themes if you so desire.

firefox theme?

thanks for all the tips… one question though, I searched through the links that dittohead posted, and I found a couple of patches (after having to try maaany broken links)… but none works with my XP SP2…

–EDIT-- (forgot to make my question)

So… anyone knows of a working patch for windows xp sp2? (i don’t know if the fact that my OS is in spanish will present an extra problem)


It’s copyright ingringement, not theft. You need to do your research instead of drink the industry koolaid. Many companies want to put you in a federal penn just for downloading programs you didn’t pay a license to use.

Theft is actually stealing something, this is simply copying something. The economic impact is entirely different compared to actually “lifting” a physical load of bread…or a stereo…or something like that. Nonetheless it’s still wrong, just not as “evil” as the industry would have you believe.

That, is, ofcourse all beside the point: this crack isn’t a full cracked version of windows, it’s just a single DLL that makes it so you can run non-certified/signed theme files. There’s nothing really morally wrong here. You are violating the DMCA and license agreement, but IMAO it’s just like using a non-lexmark ink cartridge in a lexmark printer, or ripping your CDs…cracking the DRM on the music you purchased.

You’ve already paid for the product, why should the creator have any say in how you use it or modify? If it effs you up, that’s your own fault.

And I linked to the wrong one there, sorry Fred :slight_smile:

edit: those links are screwy too…

For once, I think I have to agree with Dittohead. :stuck_out_tongue:

There IS an easy way to get a good looking desktop.

Get linux and get KDE.


Yea, but then you have to use Linux, so it’s not worth it.