Windows 10 Automatic Updates Start Causing Problems

"The flaw revolves around Nvidia graphics cards with users taking to Nvidia’s forums to report Windows Update is automatically installing new drivers which break multimonitor setups, SLI (dual card) configurations and can even stop PCs booting entirely which pushes Windows 10 into its emergency recovery mode.

‘Please pull these off Windows update!!!’ writes Nvidia forum poster slycoder. ‘It makes my second monitor not work and lots of flickering! Please. I roll back and Windows Update reinstalls them :/’"

No kidding…

Fortunately, those who have reserved a free copy of Windows 10 can wait up to a year before before it disappears and they have to buy a retail copy.

In before the obligatory posts from people promoting Linux, if the backlash against Windows 10 actually leads to a ‘year of Linux’ for the desktop. Then Linus Torvalds might as well write a big thank you letter to Microsoft for making it possible.

Oh I’m not promoting Linux, it has its fair share of problems too. Really it’s a tradeoff as to what problems you want to deal with. Windows is a good operating system that went a direction that I personally don’t care for so I switched to Linux. I’m sure there will be a great many that still prefer Windows, at the very least it looks like Windows 10 will receive a warmer welcome than 8.

However if you happen to have an Nvidia dual monitor setup, as I’m sure many here do, you might want to wait a bit on that Win10 upgrade.

If you reserve a copy doesn’t it download automatically?

It downloads the file to your system, but you can choose when to actually install it.

That’s good to know Ace. I found another option that might be useful to those wanting to delay their upgrade to Windows 10. Here’s an article with instructions on how to turn your downloaded Windows 10 update into an ISO that can be burned to disk for later use:

Apparently you can install Windows 10 and then turn the install files into an ISO or you can begin the install process, wait until the files are downloaded then cancel the installation and turn the downloaded files into an ISO and burn it to media such as a DVD.

I am just going to leave this link here

It’s free and there are no forced updates.

Microsoft has released a tool to block some unwanted updates.

Apparently this is separate from the OS itself for now, but we’ll see what Microsoft does with it in the next month or so.

lol what?
Doesn’t MS have the ability to integrate it into windows 10?

This is why I say buy a second drive, Make a clone and then upgrade. Its so nice to be able to roll it back with moving a couple connectors. ((windows sometimes takes the existence of other OS’s as a personal affront when installing, Even if they are on other drives))