Windows 10 Permission issues

I never remember having these with windows 7, but since I upgraded to windows 10 a few months ago I have been having issues with blender being denied certain basic permissions.

One of the main ones is when I try to save user preferences, it says ““Cannot open file C:\Program Files…\[email protected]” writing: Permission denied.” It also does not allow me to install any addons from file.

And the second one that is a real pain right now is that I cannot use python to save files, as I get a different error saying that it cannot open “XXX.blend” for writing.

I can fix these problems by running blender as administrator, but that is a pain to have to run blender as administrator every time I want to customize a setting. Is there any way to have it automatically start as administrator? Or is there any way to fix these problems?

No ordinary user should have rights to write in C:\Program Files…\whateverFolder.
How did you install Blender? Was it msi file or a zip?

Did you happen to be an administrator while creating XXX.blend file? As a user you can not modify admin’s file.

Yes I used the .msi to install it, and I am the administrator on my computer. and the C:\Program Files…\whateverFolder is blender’s own config folder so it should be able to edit it!

C:\Program Files…\whateverFolder is blender’s own config folder so it should be able to edit it!

Hi and no, the config folder should be in /user/Appdata/Blender Foundation/… or similar.

Cheers, mib

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.77\Config

It is. I just was too lazy to get the whole path before.

However the correct folder should be:

C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.76\config


The installer is given permission to read/write to your Program Files directory, but files you add yourself need permission, try copy your own file there it should ask for you to approve.

You may need to reinstall Blender, or delete the user prefs file from the Program Files directory.
If you want to keep the userprefs blend file, copy it elsewhere and then change some settings in Blender. This should create the directory I’ve listed, and then you can copy your file over the new one created.

“C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.77\Config”
If this was msi installer it’s a bug somewhere. Should be “C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.76\config” like @zeepal points, or, if you had used zip pack and made some Blender folder where user is allowed to write and execute, create additional folder named ‘config’ under …/2.76.
Blender will look for this ‘config’ folder first and if present keep user data in it.
As to the place where to unpack - “C:\Users<username>\Blender” should be fine. Have not tried on w10 though.

“I am the administrator on my computer” - w10 does not care ;).

Ok, so on windows 7 it always saved the Config folder to the program directory, so every time I downloaded a new version of blender I would just copy it from the previous version and paste it in the new one.

Apparently with windows 10 I have to remove the folder (cut and paste to desktop), open blender, save the user preferences, and then go to the “c:\users<username>\appdata\roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender<version number>” and replace the (now) generated folder with the old one.

“I am the administrator on my computer” - w10 does not care

Surprisingly I haven’t run into any problems with this yet. Windows 7 refused to let me do ANYTHING in the system32 folder, but W10 seems surprisingly OK with it as long as I click the UAC prompt

I’ve used to use msi and system wide blender installation long time ago and then switched to unpacking new version in it’s own folder and creating ‘config’ folder which allows to have customized all for this exact version of blender including scripts which sometimes cease functioning due to fast paced API changes and just because they can break ;). In addition this allows to take such blender folder on a flash drive and this just works, no preference file clashes which used to happen causing different weird blender’s misbehaviours. Installation (or running blender.exe if ‘config’ folder is not present) always had yielded creation of that roaming-something path under hidden by default AppData in user’s home, never in Program Files for me.

While i’m in love with win registry hacking i’ve almost never touch things in dll ‘paradise’ - system32; i do drop stuff in win folder itself though. Can’t really say much on w10 from my experiences by from what i read it’s much more restrictive on what account with administrative privileges could do compared to previous annoyances. I assume running applications, including not approved from MS, might trip over UAC more often and there wont be message windows for the user thrown.

When you cut’n paste folder from ProgramFiles to user’s, are you sure user (his running app) is allowed to change or write a new files there? Do you change initial folders/files Owner?

as far as I can tell the user (me) should be able to edit it as I am the only account on this machine, and am an administrator (although we already agreed that doesn’t mean much on W10).

Anyways, I fixed my problem, so I’m marking this as solved.

Just for further clarification:

You as the ‘user’ are the administrator, but you can only perform administrative tasks when you give approval, via the UAC prompt. This was to stop malicious or poorly coded software changing other programs etc…

You can copy the Blender files over your C:\Program Files installation, but it should ask you somewhere to allow this (unless you changed it to always allow)

Blender however, when launched from C:\Program Files is not running with administrator privileges, and does not have the facility to request these on run time from the user.
If you were to find the blender.exe file, and Right Click -> Run as Administrator, then you would not have the problems listed in this thread.

So I just installed blender on windows 10 ( Blender 2.93 ) I then installed anti malwarebytes and I believe that utility may have changed permissionis possibly. I could not save my preferences in the addons because it was saying that I did not have permission to save to the config folder.

I found this on 10 forums

and I took ownership of that config folder and then blender would allow me to save my preferences. Normally Install blender as a standalone. I have tried manually to set permissions of a folder in the past and I tell you its no easy task so this little utility is quite nice.