Windows 10 slower then 7

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and did my usual BMW27 benchmark. Much to my surprise I lost 3-4 seconds (about 10%) on my render time. With overclocking the GPU’s and setting the tiles to 480/180 I got the render down to about 26 seconds before. Now I can’t even break below 30. Damn, I don’t want to go back to W7 and if Blender (in later releases) gets better with this new OS then maybe patience is in order here, any thoughts?

Hi, make sure you have the original driver from Nvidia.
There are reports about slowdown on GTX 980Ti/Titan X, may you add your system specs.

Cheers, mib

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Have read on many sites & MS forums that lot of software runs slower or sluggish on w10 (even Office in many cases :eek:), because of Windows defender and many extra apps… run only processes that are necessary, than it will probably shine.
Talking while running can’t be faster even if stronger and prettier ;).

i take it you DID disable the "run early / fast start " in ram option

that keeps software you use running in the ram
things like internetexplorer and MS office , adobereader, norton/mcafee and all of the win 10 SPYWARE that is built in ,will auto load on boot .

disable the services you are NOT using


install a linux OS like Debian or opensuse or mint or fedora

Widows 10 gives me a lot of crap.
I’m seriously considering going back to 7.

Also, enough with the whole damn one os for all devices BS, Microsoft! I’m a PC user, give me a PC only OS! This new settings menu thing is retarded!

Just reloaded windows 7. I am taking a massive hit on rendering time on W10 as follows:

                                              Windows 7                   windows 10

BMW 27 27 sec. 31 sec
Classroom (blender sample) 03.19.00 minutes 04.57.00 minutes

Please if anyone could verify these results, please prove me wrong while I can still upgrade to W10 for free (til end of July)!

Hi ClausBohm, as I ask in my first post, could you please add your system specs?
We don`t even know which Blender version you are use nor on which GPU/Driver you are, native Nvidia or Windows Nvidia driver.

Cheers, mib

You can update to win10, make backup then roll back to 7sp1, 8.1… as long as you DL it, there will be no problems having all flavors at hand (can have it on USB or SSD - have become rather cheap)

fear of loosing is users/consumers worst enemy (and producers tend to exploit the thought - passively aggressive)

Some thing weird happened to me when I upgraded to 10 from 7.
During the install/upgrade, windows automatically downloaded and installed nvidia drivers.
First time this has happened that I can remember, and I just let it pass, assuming they would be ok, and up to date.
It was only when I tried 2.77rc1 that an error showed up. Bad anti alias in the 3d view port.
On checking, the drivers were a lot older than the ones I had installed in 7.
Could it be a similar problem.
Also had a problem even updating to the latest version without first removing the installed drivers.