windows 2000 networking

Hi, I have 5 or 6 computers in my house. (don’t care much to count them now :stuck_out_tongue: ) They are all networked to each other. A couple are running Win 98 and others Win XP. I switched my computer from XP to Win 2000. Ever since then, I can not get it networked properly or get it connected to the internet. There is one computer in the den (office) with the cable modem. The modem goes to a hub, and then to the rest of the computer in my house. Any ideas on how to get Win 2000 to work? Thanks.

BTW, I’d ask my dad right now, but he painting. (hes not an artist, hes painting the walls lol)

Does the NIC (network interface card) have drivers installed for it?

Can’t your dad talk while he’s painting? :wink:

No, lol, actually he can’t. He gets very into these things. If he stops what he’s doing and gets on the computer, he won’t stop until lhe figures it out.

Dittohead, as the copy of 2000 pro that i isntalled is almost 4 years old, I’m sure it is out of date. I’ll go check if there’s any drivers installed. Prolly really old ones. I’ll get the new ones, burn them onto a cd-r and see what happens. Thanks.

first off drop the hub and get a switch, second try making static ip address, third make sure that the cables between computers (i assume you use cat5e) are cross-overs and the cables between the hub and computers are strait-through, fourth try pinging the other computers, also make sure your running the TCP/IP protocol and that internet sharing in on on all the computers.
if you dont know what the difference between cross-overs and straits are then here are the standard wire colors in order from left to right lookig at the the bottom of the male RJ-45 plug.

end 1:
orange, white-Orange, blue, white-blue, green, white-green, brown, white-brown

end 2:
Green, white-green, blue, white-blue, orange, white-orange, brown, white-brown

end 1:orange, white-Orange, blue, white-blue, green, white-green, brown, white-brown

end 2:
orange, white-Orange, blue, white-blue, green, white-green, brown, white-brown

BTW i’m taking the CCNA 2 class which mostly involves configureing Cisco routers, however this type of network troubleshoting i learned in the CCNA 1 class. if you run into any other problems let me know.

cables can be made in any color combination provided they’re in the same place on both ends (except for a small difference for crossover cables)

But, i was always taught it went (for patch cables)

<orange-white, orange, green-white, blue, blue-white, green, brown-white, brown>, which is the 568b standard, or
<green-white, green, orange-white, blue, blue-white, orange, brown-white, brown>, which is the 568a standard
and for a crossover cable, make one end 568a and one end 568b.

It’s most likely a driver issue though, i had the same problem. What NIC are you using?

your right about the colors my bad. however if there is not a problem in your device manager, then i don’t think its a driver issue, but if you dont have any router then try static ip address, cause it may not be picking up a dynamic ip. i have personaly networked both wired and wireless, 2 Win ME computers, 2 Win XP computers, and 1 Win 2000 computer and i found that the Win 2000 was easier to configure properly.

wow i must be dumb. I right clicked on my computer and went into device manager. No drivers had been installed. and I had a hell-of-a time seaching for them. I finally found them on the original cd that came with my machine. Thanks for the help guys. :slight_smile:

that would have been the first thing to check after switching operating systems.

Agh! You are all making me feel dumb! I’ll remember this for next time. :wink:

i feel like i’ve wasted valuable know-how on a simple problem

just kidding :wink: