Windows 3.1

:o I don’t know about everyone else but I’d like to see Blender ported to 3.1, is there any chance of this happening?

Windows 3.1 is not an operating system. It says that on the Floppy discs

yer right PowerMac it’s a gui for dos, it just sits ontop of dos, kinda like jell-o sitin on the top of a box, with it’s sides drooping off. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to get on Windows users, but I think the label “this is not an operating system” should have followed on all Windows releases.
Who know blender running from DOS might be good.
Remember Fade to Black, 3D game made for DOS, no hardware 3D cards needed. It rock. It even ran on 486. make one think.

There were lots of good 3D (and 2D) DOS games, none of which I can run anymore because the damnable Windows XP doesn’t have DOS ! :x :x :x

wait, that would bee cool, but useless.

I don’t think think it would be a good commuinty project.

I know that 3.1 is a gui,

I’d like to ask a mac/pc question. Mac users are always saying their OS is better. ok, but if that’s your criteria, why not use UNIX? No software? Ok, if that’s your reason for not using UNIX, why not use Windows? The best reason I’ve heard for using Mac is that “Windows sux!”. I’d like to hear why people really use macs (keeping in mind that there are much much better OS’s out there).

guess you haven’t been keeping up with Apple. They changed their OS to UNIX. So Apple users that are using OS X is using UNIX. Read about it.

It rocks, got my shell, NFS, SAMBA, GCC, Cron. It works well with my IRIX and Solaris boxes.

No kidding. What I meant was straight (and actually powerful) UNIX, not the watered down mac version that crashes non-stop.

just in case you didn’t want to dig.

A little of its UNIX background

What is a water down mac version of UNIX???
What is UNIX first to become water down?
When do Mac OS X crashes?
Yeh Mac OS 9 crashes alot. Mac Box runs right along with my SGI boxes, and My Sun Boxes on my Desktop at home. Its just as much as UNIX as IRIX and Solaris. Linux is a Waterdown, screwed up UNIX-like system.
Don’t let a rock solid GUI trick yah. Yeah Mac OS X is pretty, but under Aqua interface is a solid UNIX BSD style.
In your Opinion whats the difference between Mac OS X, Solaris, IRIX, FreeBSD, AIX, HP-UX?

Do know the price of IRIX? $600, Price HP-UX $400, Price of Solaris $90. How much developement tools for those boys are over $3,000.
Forget the price of hardware. Telling my paying $129 for OSX is an issue. I paid over $300 for windows 2000. How did an OS X box crash? Linux is UNIX like it is based off of minux not UNIX. Mac OS x is a Mach kernel and BSD based, which makes it UNIX based. there are only 2 forms of UNIX, SVR4 and BSD. Mac OS X is based off of BSD.
UNIX is my gig. I work for Sun Microsystems, Solaris 8 Cert. I tell you Mac OS X earn its keep.
Well a few NT heads will have a hard time with any UNIX box. Its the SA that makes the Box run.

Ok, I’m man enough to admit when someone else knows more than I do about something! Maybe the PC techies out there will have something to add. I imagine my main gripe with Mac however, is the software issue, which I don’t see changing anytime soon. When I can get Unreal Tournament 2003 on the Mac the same day as the PC, then I’ll reconsider.
BTW, thanks for the back-n-forth, Powermac.

Thank You!!
I love the Back-and-forth stuff. I hate the fact that games are taking forever to come out for Mac. But since Mac OS X things are moving faster now.
Since the GUI of Mac OS X is 100% OpenGL and is ran off of the Graphics card only. Things should really rock with setup. More CPU power for AI, and other stuff.
I kept a PC around just for Neverwinters night but it finally died. So I straight SGI, Sun and Mac now.
If Mac never went UNIX I will never had bought one.
Funny thing is I wish microsoft will make Hardware also. Companies like Apple, SGI and Sun make out great making OS and Hardeware.
oh well

everyone shut up!!! I like Linux, hackable heaven

Want to get me started on Linux.
Million developers with a billion useless apps. The kernel gets bigger and bigger each day. Days of the up to-date linux on a floppy is fading. Can’t even install Redhat on a P 200Mhz, 16meg of RAM. Apple brings it on when it comes to developement. the Developement tool Kit that Apple has rocks and its free, happen to be the not so good GCC compiler (draw back).
If you really want to rock get a SGI box. IRIX will whip you in shape.

I better watch out, Some Linux Guru is going to run me into the ground.

nah, I love WIN and LIn, only because i’m a Network admin, but who cares, about who uses what OS, I just prefere WIN and LINUX because THEY RUN ON PC…!!! MACS, in my experience are not customizable… maybe i’m wrong by I dont know how I would be able to change proccessor, motherboards or video cards, I like macs to when I’m using them at school, there pleasing to the eye, especialy the flat screen LCD stuff…

for give the spelling and grammar