Windows 7 64 bit 2.57b install help

I already have gone aheadand downloaded installed the latest python 3.2 64 bit edition adn the 64 bit edition of blender 2.57b. when i go to launch it hangs and doesnt even display the splash screen. when i check in task managerit shows as Not responding.
my pc is a Amd 64 bit 6 core processor at 3.2 ghz. 4 gigs of ram, and Ati Radeon 4250 intergrated graphics(waiting to get a new GFX card). alsoi have just updated my graphics drivers yesterday.
dunno whats going on any ideas?

Go to your Blender folder.
Rightclick blender.exe > create shortcut.
Richtclick the new “Shortcut to Blender” and choose properties.

Under target change:
D:\Blender.Modeling\blender\Blender257a\blender.exe -con

Now start the shortcut and check the console output.
If it closes too fast, open a command shell <windowskey+r> type “cmd” and <enter>
navigate to your blender.exe
blender -con > debug.txt

this pipes the console output into debug.txt.
check it for error messages.

And Blender 2.5 comes bundled with python, you don´t need to install it.

So i was unable to process the final command in CMD with the >debug.txt.said i didnt have permission to
but if i run blender.exe -con it did tell me that startup.blend file was missing,
should i try reinstalling? and hope it actually includes that file or can/should i try and obtain that file file individually? or am i completly off base?

startup.blend should be in:
C:\Users&lt;username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.57\config

It has to be there from the install. Also if you type blender in the console and it says you don´t have permission, you installed blender with a different user than you are on now.
-> no access to blender.exe
-> no access to the home folder of other users (which hold the configurations)

To clarify, it only says do not have permissions when i add the < debug.txt or what ever it was.
i only have one user and Administator. speaking of whitch i tryed running as administrator. i also tryed a hand full of Compatibility modes and still no cigar. i have now uninstalled and reinstalled like 5 different version of Blender, old and new. install exe and Zip files alike. none of them are working. same problem with them all.this is verry irritating that i spent all of this money on this pc and it cant even run Blender. if i cant get it to work in Windows 7 i may install Unbuntu in dual boot mode but i really dont wanna do that.too much work for my Pc that doesnt have a CD drive.

Well that it. i just dontknow anything about computers anymore. i have a 64 bit system. but no 64bit version works with it. after pulling my hair out after a horrible day of technical difficulties. even at work my systems were not co-operating with me. but when i just start intentionally doing things that dont make sense. they just work. i said what the heck and installed a 32 bit version of BLender and it workes.

edit. nvm it just boots which is farther than i was but i dont think its working

it might be worth your time if you havent already downloading the .zip version of the 64bit blender and seeing it you can run it directly from where you unzip it. if you can then its a problem when it was installed and you should just be able to copy the files from the .zip to the program folder and overwrite the old ones.

im in the same boat and i had to do something similar when upgrading from 2.57 to 2.57b

I have tried that and it hadnt worked. appearently my system will only run 32bit Blender. seems to run fine now that i have tested it a little. only problem is some text looks a little buggy on the Splash screen butfrom my understanding everything seems to be working now. THanks everybody for all the help. im marking this as solved now