Windows 7 Live Mail with Verizon dsl account

It doesn’t get any more off topic but any help here would be more then appreciated believe me.

I was attempting to reopen a friends existing Verizon email account on her new Windows 7 machine. So I download Windows Live Essentials to get Windows Live Mail.

However, she wasn’t really sure about the Verizon password so a call to a Verizon tech came next. For some reason he couldn’t take control of the machine. Now this was a brand new machine mind you with just a Internet connection established so far and that one download from Microsoft. He did however confirm she had the address and password correct.

Then with him on the phone we opened the account window in Windows Live Mail and in the second window the problem begin. Attachment below. According to him since this email program had simply ‘POP’ in that dropdown menu instead of ‘POP3’ we could not reopen the account. Since then I have found a Verizon set up for Windows 7 Live Mail and it mentions that exact same dropdown menu as just having ‘POP’

Honestly it’s insanity to keep filling out those two windows just to have a small ‘Error Window’ pop up every time. Below is that little window as it looks on her machine with just ‘POP’ in the dropdown menu. If anyone has any help it will be really appreciated. By the way my machine is just over two years old with Windows 7 and in my Live Mail that dropdown menu does read ‘POP3’ The lady is thirty miles from me now and like me in her late seventies. And, since she still works a fulltime job she doesn’t have much patience for anything like this. I’m wondering now about this Windows 7 remote assistance since we both have Windows 7 now. And, I’m also wondering about the tech we happened to get at Verizon?