windows 7 problem

when i had the windows vista blander work faster thaat befor but… now when i work with windows 7 it go so much slower. at first, i thought the problem was with the old verison but when i try to get a new verison it still work slowly :frowning: can anyone tell me how to make it move faster? :confused:

thanks for help !!

I have the same question. Blender is speedy in Ubuntu and Vista, but when I upgraded my Vista to Windows 7, the program became extremely slow.

Check your graphic card manufacturer for any updated drivers for Win7


My (possibly incorrect) guess for both of you is that Windows 7 auto-installs Microsoft versions of most common drivers (which is a great feature so you don’t have to go hunting for drivers after a new installation), and it probably did that for your video card. I just discovered the other day though that the Microsoft video drivers don’t have OpenGL, so make sure you download and install the latest version of the graphics driver from your video card manufacturer’s website and it might fix this issue.

Also don’t forget that Windows really doesn’t handle “in-place” upgrades very well, and usually this leads to all kinds of weird problems and a junky installation. It’s best to do a clean install.

Good luck!

Thanks both Shenan and Marklew. That nailed it for me!