Windows 8

Hi guys,
I’ve just updated my system to the brand new windows 8 (which for me is working great). Although I have no issues with any software a currently own and tested I Just cant seem to make blender work properly!

I have a fairly good machine (i5 Ivy bridge, 8Gb RAM, 2Gb ATI radeon video card), but blender just seem to be uuuultra slow! It worked great on windows 7, but now its impossible to work.

In summary, if you have a fairly complex scene (mine was still under 70k faces) it takes like 5 to 10 seconds to right click select any object and when you press “P” to run the game, it droped from 60FPS (on windows 7) to 30 FPS (on windows 8) and real time rendering of textures when all over the place, like on every game tick, the maping changed so it becomes surreal!

So, has anyone updated to windows 8 yet? Has anyone faced the same (or other) issues using blender on w8?
(Yes, I have updated the graphic card driver to the w8 version).

I think I’ll have to install a linux dual boot in another partition for now, just so my project doesnt stop, while we dont have enough information on this.

If anyone knows what this could be, it will be helpfull!

See yah!

It sounds like it might be the video driver. There are some options under User Preferences System tab. Try changing the Window Draw Method. It might help. But traditionally windows installers install the slow video driver on your system for best compatibility. Often you have to go back to your vendor site for an optimized video driver.

I’ve got it installed and working no problem - I downloaded the latest driver and installed it before actually installing blender.

It might even be very slightly quicker than w7.

One thing I have noticed - recent mingw64 builds are slower than r51011. (At rendering in cycles - no clue if the same for windows7)

BTW I did a fresh install.

Thanks for the reply,
I tried changing the Windows Draw method and tried changing a few settings also but nothing has changed.
It seems that the only problem is with textures and materials. If I delete all materials it speeds up to normal speed.
But as soon as I add a material, it slows down again.

I’ll work on a non textured environment for now. Since I’m mostly doing game logics at this stage and wait if anybody else reports similar issues.
Its a bummer, I really liked windows 8 and blender is the only issue I’m having!
Maybe I’ll do textures later, on a different machine (although its not as fun to work on a black and white game)

For anyone who may have this problem,
It seems like some issue between Intel Graphic HD 4000/ Amd Radeon 7730M (cant yet sort which one yet) and GSLS shader!

If you run your blend files in multitexture mode it renders normally! The framerate goes back to 60fps.
In edit mode, selecting objects is still waaaaay to slow.

Still a bummer!

I had an issue (not blender related) with something I installed a couple of days ago - I actually used a manual restore point I’d set to revert to an earlier install; try that, or try the refresh option that windows 8 has - or even reinstall.

If I change to material view in cycles then there is some lag with current project, but it does have 3.5million verts- it’s usable but not ideal when in object mode. This is no different than w7; when in edit mode the lag reduces, and if I switch to local view while in edit mode it reduces further to almost disappear with 21.5k verts in local view.

I usually have other programs running such as gimp, inkscape, firefox, sometimes another copy of blender when rendering and these make no discernible difference.

Her is a sample of the bug I’m talking about:

i run blender on windows 8 single language, i appears blank screen anyone know how to fix it?

i run blender on windows 8 64 bit, but it appears blank screen, anyone know how to fix these problems?