Windows 98


Thanks so much for making this lovely program available for windows 98 users. The multitude of programs that wont work on 98 in this day and age is just startling. Anyway, thanks again


Ok, agree! I too user of win98.

Start a new year ( and a new life?) switching to Linux!!! High quality OS for abandoned poor computers :slight_smile:

Yes, please do use linux instead of windows98. You will be doing yourself and the rest of the www a great favor by making the switch. Your computer will be much more secure, less vulnerable to viruses and the updates to your system will continue without cost.
Besides, blender works better on linux.

Take a look at this:

And this:

If you are on dialup:

There are also many other distributions of linux available that are most excellent and will enhance your computer experience and productivity.

I second the ubuntu.

well, just remember that Ubuntu is modern OS, so even if it’s linux, it doesn’t mean it will automaticly run smoothly on older systems.
current Ubuntu requires 256megs of memory, and 3gigabytes of HD space (this depends ofcourse how much you install stuff from the cd’s)


Basse is right. The normal Ubuntu install won’t even complete on systems with <192 Mb of ram - you need to use the ‘alternate’ install instead.

Windows 98 is amazingly light on resources and, if run sensibly, isn’t as insecure as you might think. Since it doesn’t run services, many of the current exploits for XP don’t work on a 98 system. If you run Opera or Firefox instead of IE and don’t use Outlook Express for your mail, you remove the two main exploit vectors for those systems.

I have two older laptops that run 98 and I have no problems with either of them. I could run Linux on them, but I wouldn’t gain anything other than the ‘geek cred’ of running an alternate OS. (I do have another laptop with Linux installed, as well).

I have an old (~1994) machine I use as a remote access gateway that runs Debian - but the install on the machine was a pain. None of the installers for any of the current Linux OSes would let me get to the CDROM. The Win98 boot floppy has no problem. I ended up just doing the Debian boot floppy/network install to get it up and running. Someone less familiar with Linux would likely have not been able to get it running, but the Windows install would have been fairly easy. So, while I like Linux - it isn’t always a magic bullet that just makes things run faster/easier/better.

Yes I use win98 with an old computer as well, and it’s very nice. The only problem I have is attatching memory-sticks and cameras. I mean it’s possible, but a big faff.
ubuntu seems unable to find my other hard-drives and memorysticks. It might be that I’m only using a 128-meg macine. The bottom line is, though, I want my ram and my proceeser to be spent running programs like Blender rather than a pritty operating system.

light and resourcefull linux? why not try Xubuntu then?

Do you guys really have to convert this simple ‘thank you’ thread into an advertisement for Linux?

How about respecting the fact that he uses whatever he wants to use and leave it at that.

I did not mean any disrespect to him, you or the forum [email protected] He was grateful for blender being free and open source, just like Linux. I didn’t consider it a hijack to recommend more of the same. What’s the deal?

I guess the only deal is that Linux users have a tendancy to voice how amazing your OS is at every given opportunity, whether on topic or not.
you kind of remind me of Jehovah’s Witnesses in that regard. enough already :stuck_out_tongue:

I was looking up the Windows 98 memory limit and found this webpage. It contains a solution. However, if you have more than one gig of ram, you’re boned.

Another thing you must consider is that Windows 98 does not support NTFS, though a 3rd program like this one might work on secondary harddrives. If you decide to stick with FAT32 you might have trouble encoding video to dvd as the file size limit is 4 gigs.

In my opinion, if you have a fast system and you’re just using Windows 98 to increase performance, it might be better to just go ahead and install XP. Though if you have a mediocre, old, or entry level system and you don’t mind not having the latest features or software than sure, go for Windows 98.

As for Linux, well, if it works for you go for it. I can understand Linux users advertising their os. As a grassroots movement, the only way for open source software to gain more users is for those users to introduce the software to new people online or even in person. It certainly has a lot of potential in these days of proprietary, expensive, and poorly written software.

No respect!
As Mr. Gates said Linux it’s like comunism!!!
Yes, Linux will “eat” your winwin computers ( and the babies of course)
Viva la revolution :slight_smile:

Windows 98 (2nd edition) is the best OS, well it was till certain programs began to require 2000 or higher. I had to switch to 2000. Also 2000 clears memory after program use. Have NEVER had any problems with Win 98 or 2000.

Windows ME and XP are crap! Hoping Vista will be better.

I am happy with my win 2k, I was able to make at least 3 games and 2 programs that would only work on XP work on 2k. (With a few hacks and Tricks.) It will be a sad day when attempts to make Age of Empires IV work on Win 2k fails. :o

I refuse to use nine year old software

Win98SE great!
Win2000 Professional Better!

WinME well i don’t use (crash always)
WinXP it’s good like Win2000Pro… but more slow.

Ubuntu&Kubuntu are good OS but because both use Gnome or KDE, in old machines maybe not work.

Xubuntu and DreamLinux are good options for old PC’s, because use XFCE a light enviroment. Both work fine with 128 in RAM. //check the multimedia versionhere

sorry my eng :stuck_out_tongue: