Windows API programming

Wanting to learn Windows API programming. I have learned how to (out of a blank file) make a simple message box (without initializing a window and all that crazy stuff that it requires). I would like to know, where should I go in learning this, I have yet to find anything that actually teaches it rather than being like, copy paste this… Any help would be greatly appreciated. In the long run I want to be able to make programs worth using (and hopefully making a buck or two off of).

Check out

doesn’t seem to work right now, I’ll try it tomorrow.

I have 4 years of amateur and 2 years of professional programming experience and I learned it all by myself. The only price to pay is dedication and personal time.

I guess you use VB.NET?

actually I use VBC++ currently (I know I should switch but as far as I’ve noticed so far, every library/header that I’ve needed is there and everything compiles correctly, but if you know a reason I haven’t discovered yet to switch let me know and I’ll do it).

I would suggest to take a look at this collection of Tutorials.

Wow, thanks, I’ll definitely check it out.