[windows] BF CVS all passes for render

Ton just commit all passes for the renderer.
Compilation comes with openexr, quicktime, ffmpeg. No extra patches.

Downloads in two format :
7zip 5.66MB
zip 7.69MB

Doc can be found here

Woo hoo! Thank you developers.

i cannot get that zlib.dll to work at all.
i copied to windows or also the blender directory …

I know how to make glossy surfaces. Holy crap, I frickin do. Gonna try this out.

hmm…i get this message :confused:saw a post on graphicAll with the same problem.Tried several times…with winrar/7-zip…same result
maybe this is not the way to do it?


have the same problem… )-:

cekuhnen, mine gave the “zlib not found” error, so what I did was copy the Blender folder, then extract the zip file into the copy - zlib.dll is in the Blender folder.
Question to all - what method should I use to rejoin the passes once I’ve fiddled with them? Say I want to take out the AO pass, do something with it and re-insert it back into the image. I’ve tried AlphaOver, but to no avail!

It depends on the pass - for AO you’re probably best using Multiply or Overlay in a mix ndoe.

I usually combine passes with a variant of this:

Combined = (diffuse * AO + (specular + reflection) * fresnel) * shadow

In very general terms you can multiply or overlay a pass if its intent is to make pixels darker, and add if it makes them brighter.

no one knows a solution for the above problem?

Try this build … works for me.



thank you very much Mike_S…this one works :):slight_smile: