windows Blender Compile with newer GE physics version request

Hi, this is a blender compile job, if you know how to compile blender for windows and are able to do so before the 13nth of august 2015 (4 days) then please put your price quote here.


I want a custom compiled version of blender 2.49b for windows 7 (can work with any windows so long as it works with 7) with 2.49b’s blender/python 2.6.2 scripting language (standard python for 2.49b).

What I want included: a new version of GE physics such as the ones in 2.69 or higher. instead of the old version of the GE physics (because it has a few bugs with concave corners).

this is an urgent request! my project is due in 4 days for an MSc degree, the game is done but the corners are problematic. I have already gotten help attempting to use old bullet for this job, it didn’t quite work well enough.

post your price quote and I’ll go with the first agreeable price.