windows error message

Hello - I had this problem before but forgot the solution.
First of all I am new to blender:o
I gets on the window types menu drop down and click on: Image browser ( to look at image files) but as soon as I do that I get this damm thing pop up stating:
blender.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close - meaning that I am back to looking at my desktop - very annoying…

No doubt somebody here will give me the answer to this problem, please?
thanks -mystified

which video card do you have? Latest drivers? Which version of Windows? Using Blender 2.43 I assume? How much pirated or dicey software do you have on your system (in other words, how much potentially harmful malware?)

Try running from command line (Start > Run, type in “cmd”, navigate to blender folder, type “blender -d” (no quote marks) for diagnostics.