Windows error (Win XP)

Hi i have windows xp professional Sp1 and Blender 2.28 which i downloaded 3 days ago. When i try to open something in blender i get this error

"blender.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience

If you were in the middle of the something the information might be lost.

Please tell microsoft about this problem.
We have created an error report that you can send to us. We will treat this report as confedential and anonymous.

To see what the error report contains, click here.

                               Send error report | Dont' send   "     

Windows xp users can you help me figure out what the problem is? IT Also happended when i tried to load a texture.

Go to this folder:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Not a Number\Blender
and delete the contents. When you fire up Blender again it will create new files.
If this doesn’t solve the problem go to the info window and turn off international fonts.


I tried removing all the files in the application data folder but it didn’t work. Whats the info window?

the info window is at the top, it contains the file menu (among other things)
pull it down with the left mouse button on the bar below the file menu (just above the 3d window), and look at the settings it contains

I don’t understand though why it would crash when you try to open a file. If you save a file ( f2 ) can you load it fine?

the error you are getting is probably due to a memory access violation, either by blender or something it accessed. Windows versions >= NT (so that includes 2000 XP and 2003) would catch this, complain (the error you saw), and force the program to quit.

(not so sure about NT catching segfaults, but it should)

more than a couple people have had problems with WindowsXP and it crashing in certain situations, from my experience this can sometimes be traced to video drivers (odd, but true, I have had problems on intel-containing systems, but not nvidia ones). See if the stuff in helps you)