[windows] Experimental image browser and ui works

Elubie works on a new image browser and broken works on ui refresh;

  • New improved UI controls (ex-tuhopuu round shaded theme)
  • Beginnings of new buttons organisation porting/refresh
  • Python driven presets system, currently used for render dimension settings
  • Radial menus (same as the old patch, but still works great. probably will need lots of work post-events refactor)
  • Better default theme with consistent selection colours etc
  • New icons (courtesy of jendrzych)

Download at : http://graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=453

Radial menus - what a bad idea :frowning:
Is this official?

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
I dont believe this… :frowning:


Pretty cool, but some things could be improved.

  1. The new sliders are a little bit cluttered, as the text overlaps with the slider itself, even though there is plenty of space on the right for it to be written.:confused: Should someone fix that, they would be much better. Overall, they are better, as they are now much more precise.:smiley:

  2. The radial menus. Eww.:no: For me, these do not seem like a good addition to Blender. They do not speed up workflow, and they act strangely. First of all, they are a bit to dim, and are hard to read. Second, they take up a lot of screen space; to cancel, you have to move your cursor halfway across the screen. Third, they are often jumbled, and overlapping, making it harder to understand them, along with their dimness. Fourth, when you move your cursor over them, they dim further, but they do not recover their color after you move away from them. Eventually, they are pitch black. There should definitely be a setting in the User Preferences Window that allows you to use the traditional menus (I cannot find one as of now).

Otherwise other stuff seems good. The new drawtype is all right and the new organization of the Rendering Subcontext is confusing, but that is just because of habit.
The new image browser is awesome.

Very nice :slight_smile:

love the new theme :slight_smile:

I also hope for a old menu in the user preferences.

the new layout is neat too.

Thank you for sharing with us :smiley:

Please No Radial Menus!!! Pleaaaasssseee

wow! the file browser icons are sweet too!!

EDIT:ok I got it to work, thank :slight_smile:

Mmph: If you want, for example, an image texture, you have to press Control while you are clicking load. To load one in the Image Editor, Control Open.

While it surely is a nice programming task, please keep the option to disable the radial menus in the preferences panel. To some it may represent an easier migration path (lower learning curve) for blender, but to others it would be detrimental as a new absolute way of blending.

Otherwise the new buttons/images look nice, even if some of the panels (render buttons) have been edited and made a little more disorganized.

Loving the start of radial menus. I’m sure there will be an option to not use them.

I’m excited about radial menus. Once organized properly they will be an amazing workflow enhancement. Not to mention that they will possibly be customizeable so we can drag and position or add new commands. Very exciting times.

And yes I do love that tuhopuu round shaded theme. The start a preset system in Blender is nice.

forTe: I wouldn’t say that the render buttons are disorganized, they are just in unfamiliar places. Hopefully we can get used to them.

Yes they are in unfamiliar places, but I was more referring to the kind of rough look they have (lots of empty space, things not aligned quite right yet, etc.) (Yeah, I know thats picky). I know it will improve with time though, since our coders are so awesome/dedicated.

Hi folks,

Firstly, try not to get your panties in a bunch, they’ll chafe and make you look silly. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned in the original commit log (which wasn’t fully reproduced in the parent post) these things are at various levels of WIP-ness. I’ve been working on this stuff on and off for a while now, and thought it was about time it was in SVN somewhere rather than just on my hard disk. Most things like egan pointed out, I’m aware of. Some things like the radial menus are in there because I like using them, but also as a temporary prelude to be developed further after the events refactor etc, which should make things much easier.

About the radial menus:

There is a user preference in View & Controls.

You’ve all picked the nice worst case scenario edit mode W menu to complain about and I’m well aware that it doesn’t work well for menus like that. :slight_smile: The main problem there though is the menu itself - it’s got to be the worst menu in Blender, a poorly organised grab-bag full of vaguely related tools, with some more useless than others, that is too long to even use the 1-9 hotkeys for. Other menus are just as bad (knife tool in both K and Ctrl E? Loop Cut in K, Ctrl E, and with it’s own hotkey?) This sort of thing really should be cleaned up to be more sensible and ergonomic - again, waiting on events work.

But for more ‘normal’ sized menus (manipulator type, v/e/f select, snap, merge, delete, etc.), the radial menus work a treat. If you haven’t already seen it, read this and watch the videos. The thing is, it will feel weird and slow at first, since the speed comes from building up muscle memory (which shouldn’t take too long, at least from my own experience). The other thing too with the menus is that ideally after the events work, my aim is to have it fully customisable, so you can define in detail, which menus you want to be flat, or which you want to be radial. So you could even conceivably have all flat menus, with extra user-defined radial ones.

About the colours, I think the darkness is from some bug in the old .B.blend conversion, I’ll check it eventually. But it should look fine if you do file->load factory settings.

Egan, about the sliders: I haven’t even touched any of the other themes yet, I’ve just been concerned with the round shaded theme. The others should eventually be brought up to using the new slider design, yes. The new sliders are a lot more space efficient, and will allow for much better panel layouts. Currently in Blender 2.4x, using sliders means a tradeoff between either numeric precision or wasting space, which these new ones solve. There’s also a nice new shortcut, you can Alt-click a slider to set the value directly to the position that you clicked on, though maybe this should be Ctrl, since it conflicts with emulate 3 button mouse.

About button layout, this has some background, though it’s a bit out of date: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/ButtonsInformationArchitecture


Okay, I can see now the use for the radial menus. Trying out the Control Tab, it seems nice. I guess the menus I use most are the toolbox and the specials menu, so I tried it out a few times, and it seemed bad. All the menus with 4 or fewer items seem very good with the exception of the darkening. [Edit: When I load Factory Settings, it works much better. My bad.:o]
The sliders are very space efficient, and I like how now I can actually get exactly 0.8 without control or shift.:smiley:

i do not dislike the radial menu.
the gesture systems as explained by broken makes very much sense.

but wasn’t it mentioned at one point that we could increase the menu and add
own buttons (link to a script for example) to it???

Great, now the whole internet knows I take Gold Bond showers in frilly polka-dot panties. :o

Aye, I was quick on the draw for discarding radial menus, but in the long run they could be very useful (as you showed). As always thanks for sharing your info.

From what I have seen, radial menus DO speed up workflow, as they combine the best of gesturing and position memory together. good job Broken!

Oh yeah! Radial menus helps a lot , when working with cintiq! Thanks!

I would like to see the current menu system cleaned up as Broken is doing.
What I would like to see though is the menu system left intact as far as interface goes.
The radial menus could be accessed via hot key, as in spacebar for object menus, Ctrl/Shift/spacebar or Alt/Spacebar for radial menus. (press Alt/spacebar/w for radial boolian menu (as a example of how I would envision).
That way I think the current menu system could be left intact after clean up, & the radial menu’s can be easily accessed via hot key rather than having to reset the preferences each time you do/don’t want radials activated. I don’t know if this would be possible but it could represent a middle ground.
Anyway Thanks Broken & devs for undertaking this work.