Windows games on macs

I want to get a windows game (Freelancer) to work on a mac. Any suggestions on how???

Intel Mac? bootcamp dual boot with winxp

no its an imac unless i is for intel

I don’t think you can then… And I think I read somewhere that bootcamp doesn’t actually really work for gaming… Blah, its just what we Mac users have to deal with…

There’s no realistic way of getting Windows games to work on a PowerPC mac…

…But if you have a Intel Mac, BootCamp does work perfectly for gaming. There is no virtualisation/emulation, it basically makes your Mac work exactly like a PC. It works just fine on my MacBook and I can play games like Flatout2, counterstrike, Civ4 and others, with no problems (the MacBook’s integrated graphics chip is a little bit too crappy for my taste, though)

Really… Any chance you could get Battlefield 2 to work? drools

try winex= ) you have to pay for it, but its definately worth it. winex is for linux though. im not a mac guru so i couldnt tell you how to get it to run on mac but i figure if your OS is based on UNIX you can get it to run somehow .

Most windows games work on it, so there’s a good chance Battlefield 2 might work.

Edit: It’s called cedega now, not winex…

Edit2: Here’s a screenshot of Battlefield 2 working on cedega:

It won’t work on the MacBook, unfortunately. The already mentioned crappy integrated graphics aren’t enough to run the game. It does run pretty nicely on MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro, which have quite decent video cards.

No. Wine Is Not an Emulator, so it won’t work on PowerPC-based machines.

Emulation is the only way to play those games on a non-Intel iMac. This will take a big performance hit, but since the game you mentioned only requires a 600 mhz processor, you might be able to play it decently on a G5 iMac.

Maybe look at Dosbox or Qemu (or Q, the aqua port)

You can’t play 3D games under either emulation or virtualization because there is no support for DirectX. The only thing that comes close is the software-based DirectX rendering drivers - I forget what it’s called. I tried it under Parallels on a Macbook and it works ok but still not great and has very little support for games.

For any kind of Windows gaming, you need either an intel imac, a Macbook Pro or a Mac Pro. Weighing up price, the imac is pretty good value and gives good performance.

There are a few videos of people playing Battlefield 2, Half-life 2, oblivion etc on the Macbook Pros, which are the same spec as the imac. Here is one of Battlefield 2 on a Macbook Pro:

Not all the videos will be real - i.e they just play a video or something but they are fast machines and people are reporting high framerates all over the place. Generally, the X1600 is around the same as a GeForce 6600.

If you traded your G5 imac, you would be getting double the CPU speed too. Some people still need the G5 imacs at the moment because Photoshop isn’t out so I would sell it now if gaming is more important than Adobe products.


Get a PC and load Windows. Cheaper than Apple products, too. Or use Linux and Wine or equivilent program.

Cedega does support DirectX.

Venom…you seem confused…The OP want’s to know how to run 3d games on a macintosh using their OS, not linux.


I decided to test it myself and went for the absolutely lowest end machine Dell had. After configuring it to the same as Apple’s low end product, I saved £100 with Dell but they were different processors - 3GHz P4 vs 1.66GHz Core Duo, the latter being faster.

I also checked some of Sony’s products and some were actually near double the price of Apple’s machines for a lower spec.

^ this argument does not consider building a PC, which would likely be cheaper but is no more a valid argument than saying to someone to build a PC vs buying a Dell.

True, though Cedega is apparently coming for OS X called Cider:

but it’s not out yet and games will have to be compiled to run with it and again that’s for Intel Macs. IMO, I’d rather just boot Windows. I don’t have a problem running Windows for running games just like I don’t have a problem running a SNES emulator to play Donkey Kong. The trouble with ports and cedega etc is that they take so long and it’s not likely the entire back catalogue of Windows games will be recompiled to run with it.

Im not confused, my logic was simple. If you have a Unix based OS you should be able to run Linux apps after configuring a few things.

OSX is a Unix based OS. Now, i dont know all the details on getting linux apps to run on OSX but i know for a fact that it is possible.

Dell is horrible and needs to die along with Myspace and iPods. Nvidia, AMD, and Asus are the only companies that make PC worthy products, and Dell uses none of them. One of the cheapest Asus motherboards, the K8N, beats all other non-Asus motherboards by far; Athlons, Semprons, opterons, any AMD processor, beats the P4 by even farther! Maxtor is good for hard drives, which I have never had a HD failure in a Maxtor drive. Dell uses all the cheapest products, and puts them up for ten times more than they’re worth. Apple is better than Dell, so don’t compare them.