Windows High Frequency Mouse (Testers Needed)

Windows High Frequency Mouse build

I need testers to verify this doesn’t break mouse movement for anyone’s Windows computer. It’s especially useful if you have weird monitor/scale setups.

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Hey Nicholas,

I just (briefly) tested it on a Windows 10 set up on a laptop with external screen. Once on the external (wide)screen running at 3440x1440, once on the laptop’s screen @ 1080, with mouse (Logitech MX518, no logitech software installed) and it all worked fine.
Also tested Wacom and that didn’t throw up any noticeable issues. Anything in particular I should look out for? I didn’t see a link to a tracker issue with more information, so get back to me if there’s something I should check.

Nothing in particular to test. The author of Paint.NET was emphatic that this API was not worth their effort to maintain so I’m wary of obscure issues popping up.