Windows Jahka particles patch + macosx release P13

New patch from Jahka:


  • bug fixes[LIST]
  • harmonic effector was missing damp factor in ui
  • one keyed particles bug
  • changing explode “use sizes” now updates calculation too
  • recoded part of reactors, they should work much better now
  • just a note: Any modifier that’s before particles must have same render & view settings, for example subsurf with different render & view level will cause strange things when rendering! So don’t come crying to me saying I didn’t warn you :stuck_out_tongue:
  • baking terminology change: dynamic->world, static->object, animated static -> garbage bin :slight_smile:
  • new baking space: “geometry” allows for baked hair to stick to fully armature (or otherwise) deformed meshes with proper rotation handling etc. (this is way faster & better than animated statics so it was removed)
  • n-nearest search for kd tree
  • far better children between thanks to kd-tree improvement
  • some ui improvement
  • boids physics type[/LIST]New patch time! Find me some good bugs and I’ll try to work on more particle mode brushes for next time :slight_smile:

archived in 7zip 3.79MB
archived in zip 5.24MB
LINUX made with Ubuntu

Oh sweet, sweet, local root deliciousness! Come to papa!

EDIT: Holy crap. Boids. :smiley:

Looks great
the last video is Wonderful
if u could make a build for linux please

Oh dang, I just wanted to get some sleep. Now I’m going to have to change my pants and get even more sleep deprivation.

I love the geometry baking space!

Do this means the birds are following the sphere automatically? :spin:
Please if someone finds, send me my jaw…

it looks like they do, and in the action they are avoiding the red sphere.
This is great. reminds me a bit of the Massive software.

OH. MY. GOD. That’s just awesome. Great work.

This is so fantastic… I can’t believe it’s Blender! My baby! Growing so fast!

@moh taia

The link in his sig is to the builds. There is a Linux one there.

very cool. would someone mind posting a working set up with the boids?

I asked Jahka to made one sample file

Once again very dramatic improvements.
Thanks Jahka.

BTW, where did you learn how to code again? Hogwarts?

thanks jahka for the incredible particles, thanks lg for posting the new patch :slight_smile:

Incredible Jahka! Your work and progress on the particle system is sweet! Those demo videos are really cool to watch! Keep it up!

In case you read this… would it be possible with the current updates on functionality so far, to make feathers?

keep up the good work jahka, the speed at which you code is impressive, and the new features are appearing all the time, we love your work

wow! thats all i can really think of saying… that video clip with the birds is mind boggling. i was very surprised and pleased after i downloaded your last build… keep up the incredible work!

Kind regards,

When I run 'blender in a terminal, I get ‘error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory’ ,but a ‘locate libython’ says I have it in usr/lib. Do I need a copy of it somewhere else?

I think i found a bug.

  • Create a Sphere
  • Apply particle. "amount to 40 , emit to random and face "
  • Press Baking and enable Geometry and press Auto
  • In Particle newtonian increase normal
    -Particle Visualization to path
  • Enable Psys and soft body in softbody panel and “o” in softbody II Error limit.
  • Now return to the Particle system panel and play with “step” ( increase and decrease it)I think that I press “auto” also
    A little moment blender will encountered an error and need to close.
    Also sometime when I apply particle geometry to an object the geometry does not touch with the object it leave a little space.

Another bug I think.
Each time I press the first button for the keyed particle,blender got an error and need to closed

If you have a modern Linux distro (Suse10.2 for example), chances are that you have python 2.5 installed (and thus have in usr/lib)
I have both Suse 10.1 and 10.2 on my machines, so I made a symbolic link to the 2.4 version. This did the trick for me. (of course a full python setup is not found, but at least the binary seems to start up correctly…)