Windows "Longhorn" due in 2006

“We’ve had to make some trade-offs to deliver the features corporate customers, consumers and OEMs are asking for in a reasonable time frame,” said Jim Allchin, group vice president of the Platforms Group at Microsoft.

But he added: “Our long-term vision for the Windows platform remains the same.”

Wow. Nearly screaming that the long-term vision for Windows is to make trade-offs to get products out fast was pretty bold. He may as well have said, “Now that we’ve finally patched up our last product after years of security flaws, it’s time to release a new inferior one so we can continue make more money.”

how do you think he got so rich? He improves his own crap and sells it, craps it up again and repeats…

to qoute vlarking’s sig - the day microsoft make somthing that don’t suck it’ll be the day microsoft start making vacuum cleaners.

Hmm, due in 2006, eh?

/me makes a note in his 2008 diary…

If he has to start making trade-offs when it comes to functionality then he may as well redo the entire system of windows. Plus it doesn’t sound as promsing as WinXP.

damn. i thought it was for 2005.

I am really starting to hate 98, 2k, me, xp. i cant afford a mac, and i cant figure out linux…

If you use Mac OSx, you would say, Hell sh…t I wish I had windows. I use mac Osx for 1 year now at work and at home on my powerpc I got from my work. And it’s incredible how much times a day it crashes, and even the sucking resetbutton doesn’t work. I have to disconnect it from the powersource otherwise I can’t restart it. I asked my work about this problem, they said: “yeah we know, a bug, we can’t fix it” :-?

but its so…beautiful


Then I guess you’re just screwed.
There’s still hope though…

WTF are you talking about? I use Mac OS X every day and have done for 3 years - total crashes <10. And I leave it on overnight. What is this ‘bug’ you’re talking about? If you do cmd-ctrl-power button, the machine will restart or you can even just hold in the power button for about 3 seconds and the thing will shut down. If it crashes a lot, it’s likely you’ve got some bad hardware and checking your panic logs (kernel panics are usually the only things that can freeze an OS X system) will show you what’s wrong.

They can be expensive but they usually last longer without failing. A brand new emac only costs £500 or so. I haven’t seen any decent PCs cheaper with higher specs other than higher clock speed. You only get as good as you pay for. Someone in my family got a cheap PC and the monitor was already broken. Another one had a hard drive failure after 2 years.

Also, if you guys can’t wait until 2006 to see what’s in Longhorn, just get Mac OS X Tiger. Should be out the year before. There won’t be anything in Longhorn that ain’t in Tiger - MS are playing catch up. They maybe delayed Longhorn so they could add one feature they didn’t copy and it went tits up :P:,1995,1112787,00.asp

In fact, Apple are so far ahead, they’re going to slow down a bit:

This quote I read interested me:

Funny how longhorn gets delayed after every bigger OS X update.

Start copying redmond…

I’m sorry, but I was the assist sysadmin of an all Mac school and they’re good for that but shit for home.

Were you using OS 9 or OS X? I admit OS 9 was rubbish but OS X rules. The early OS X wasn’t that good but by 10.2, they’d sorted a lot out.

It’s especially good for home use with it’s whole itunes, iphoto, imovie… and its ability to use all the unix open source tools alongside commercial apps.

If OS X hadn’t come out, you wouldn’t have Win XP with Windows movie maker etc. You will recall that XP was released not too long after X.

I know this is a hardware thing but Microsoft are even using G5 chips in their next XBox ( ). So Apple has the upper hand - best hardware and best software. How can Longhorn compete with a well established BSD unix base with a standardized GUI? The very fact that Mac OS X is largely open-source with few if any security flaws whereas Windows is closed source but riddled with them shows it.

thats ok

, iphoto
die you fucking stupid piece of software, i photo really sucks arse,
can’t coment due to not usiung ti, but i couldn’t even import a set of still frames to make a .mov file from blender, very disapointing.

and crashes, hell yeah all the time…(always with blender though he he he he he)

If OS X hadn’t come out, you wouldn’t have Win XP with Windows movie maker etc.
die windows movie maker its crap

don’t get me wrong i totally hate windows, and microsoft, however all these people fanboying everything else, need to be knocked in the knees with flying CD’s coz all systems have some really really sucky features, and all of them crash.


I agree with alltaken, I personally hate every single OS out there right now. But fanboys are an infestation and need to be hunted like rats.

I agree here, I think iphoto sucks but some people get on ok with it.

can’t coment due to not usiung ti, but i couldn’t even import a set of still frames to make a .mov file from blender, very disapointing.[/quote]

Just use Quicktime for that. In the file menu do load image sequence and save as mov.

and crashes, hell yeah all the time…(always with blender though he he he he he)

Do you mean Blender crashes or OS X crashes? If it’s X then you should make sure you have an up to date system or that you aren’t trying to run Blender on a really old graphics card. I often find people who say that X crashes all the time try to do unrealistic things on really old hardware and then say ‘look it sucks’, and go back to their £1000 Windows system.

/me cowers in fear covering kneecaps.

That’s true but you have to think about the future. It’s like the John Titor thing where he said he had to come back in time to fix a bug in the unix code. If you build on a shoddy foundation now (like what M$ is doing) then it’s ok to pass over it by saying that all OSs have flaws but in 10-20 years or so when the OS software code becomes unmanageable and the world depends on the software to keep the economy going and M$ just say well here’s the code but we can’t fix it because every upgrade has been adding thousands of flaws, what do you do?

At least with unix stuff, you can track and fix things much more easily and constantly and everyone knows it will stand the test of time. Ok, it may very well have flaws too but not nearly as many as Windows and I just don’t like that the world is so dependent on such a flawed product. When security breaches arise, some banks and businesses have to use pen and paper. That sort of thing costs lots of money.

Can you imagine what chaos there would be if all Windows users worldwide installed service pack 2?

It’s like phonix said:

how do you think he got so rich? He improves his own crap and sells it, craps it up again and repeats…

M$ is all about money, not reliability or security. Bugs are good business because it means more money for more upgrades, PC help hotlines and repair fees.

sorry to break it to you, but Apple is just as much about money as Bill.

nothing different about the two companies, infact most companies around the world are the same.

unix ain’t the best thing in the world either, i could argue that Linux is so fragmented in development that its code is in a far worse place than microsofts.

and for your info, blender rendering at larde image sizes on a Dual 1.8Ghz G5 with 2 Gb ram is garenteed to crash the thing (yeah so that the mouse won’t even move LOL)

i am comparing a 6 month old $8000 Mac, to a 2 year old $4000 PC.

stop your fanboying.
i don’t say PC’s are better, just that macs are not perfect.


If it’s so fragmented, it seems strange that it works better. It really depends on how you look at it, there are many distributions of unix-based system but each distribution isn’t fragmented. Mac OS X is in no way fragmented.

A dual 1.8GHz G5 Mac didn’t cost $8000 6 months ago. You must have been seriously ripped off. A dual 1.8 costs $2000 now. I know computers depreciate fast but not $6000 in 6 months. Also, if there’s trouble with rendering at high-res, maybe Lukep will know what’s happening there as he builds the OS X version or eeshlo if you’re using yafray.

Ok, I concede. Fanboy mode shutting down. I needed to get it out of my system. :wink:

You know, companies like MS and Apple are not out there to be nice and friendly and cater to YOUR personal taste. They are there, like every other huge business, to make money.
If catering to personal home users and, by doing that, leaving gaps in security, gets them more money then I don’t understand why they wouldn’t.
Last time you checked, how was RedHat doing? :wink:

note that a dual 2.5Ghz with only 512Mb of ram costs $6.5K currently

then add another 1.5Gb of ram, and a 19" flat screen LCD display, and a microsoft mouse.

you will have $8K easily, and this was the comparible price on the 1.8Ghz G5’s 6 months ago.

note all dollars are in NZD so its about $4000 USD, for that.

total rip off i agree.

my computer cost about $2000 USD, and $4000 NZD about 2 years ago and is still up to standard.


What I saw on slashdot some time ago is that microsoft is building a portfolio of patent to attack opensource(linux) and maybe Apple. So the fact they step back to wait some time to my mind mean: let see what is th emove of ours ennemis then correct longhorn and get down the other.
that how i see it.