Windows "Longhorn" due in 2006

Rebooting fanboy mode :slight_smile:

Aha, it must be the mouse that makes it so expensive :P. Why did you include that? It costs like $20. Anyway, you can’t say that a Mac is expensive when you buy a 19" LCD display. Did you get a 19" LCD with your PC? If so, why did you bother buying a new one?

The high end Macs are expensive because they have expensive stuff in them like the latest graphics cards. If you buy a new PC with comparable spec, the G5 will be cheaper:

BTW, I just rendered a 10000x10000 image (Blender’s max) on my ibook with 384MB Ram using 4x4 parts. It was a simple image but the resolution wasn’t any problem.

It’s due to an old hack in blender.

Blender will fail on any system with 2 Gb memory or more. it’s not Mac OS specific at all.

osxrules: He probobly got the MS mouse because it was the best.
Contrary to my sig, MS makes some good stuff sometimes.

No, I didn’t mean that, I have a Microsoft mouse too. It’s just he was talking about the cost of the machine and I thought it was odd he mentioned the mouse as it’s only $20 or so:

note that a dual 2.5Ghz with only 512Mb of ram costs $6.5K currently

then add another 1.5Gb of ram, and a 19" flat screen LCD display, and a microsoft mouse

you will have $8K easily