windows media guide

i use WMP a lot to search for songs, using the media guide ( its a real convenient way to find songs quickly and easily. but today i opened up the guide and was sorely dissapointed at what happened when i tried to search for a song. It now acts like a regular old search engine, just brings up links to websites.

does anyone know anything about this? i did a couple google searches but found nothing about it.

that happens to me all the time.unless its a music video,i just close it and it will still play.

I experienced the same problem with WMP. I thought it was because I got a new computer and thought that maybe my settings on my new computer were different. Now that I see that I’m not the only one who was once able to search for the audio and video of music, I assume that it must be a change on the end of windows media player. This is a big disappointment to me. If you do find out anything about this please to sure to keep me posted.

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