Windows Media Player won't play

I just rendered a short animation from YfRay blender says its in .avi format, but WMP won’t play it, says I need codecs.

If you don’t mind downloading something, you could try VLC Media Player.

When you click on the file and go to the properties, and then to the summary (make sure you’re in the advanced one, not the simple one) tab, what codec does it say that your video is?


it says, “no infromation for the selected file” or somthing like that. There is no info.

I’d say go here and download DivX. You dont have to install the DivX player but install the codecs and it should work.

If you want DIVX without the SpyWare and the rest of the codecs that you need visit here…

Or here too…

Get the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 1.38. What’s great about this, is that you can encode in DIVX too and XVID (actually a whole lot more).

got the “mega pack” that did not work. Mabe I need to re-render…

Download and install Windows Media Player-10 here…

Got that already…

To me it doesn’t sound like it’s a problem with not being able to play it, it sounds more like it wasn’t rendered properly in the first place, as VLC can play pretty much any video format, and I think you’d realise if you were rendering straight to DivX etc. anyway.

If I were you I’d go over all the settings, make sure you’re outputting the animation correctly.

And while we’re on the subject of codec packs etc., I use the ‘combined community codec pack’ as it’s best for anime subs etc. And this way you can come from a fresh install and just install this and everything works (VLC can do that too, but doesn’t display the fancy subs coded in SSA etc.)

what do you mean by “subs”?

Wait a minute. You should render an AVI directly as a RAW format video with no compression Codecs.

Some codecs are intended for use as “post process compression” for movie files that are already existing.

Rendering directly to DIVX or XVID will not work.

Also, rendering with YafRay? Yafray is not good for animations, unless you use Highest Quality and Full rendering settings. A ten second clip could take weeks to render.


Rendering directly to DIVX or XVID will not work.

Works for me all the time…

I stand corrected. I was thinking Video Capture for a moment.

However, to take full advantage of DIVX or XVID, you need to do multiple passes. Preferably from a RAW movie file.