windows mobile 2003 SE for free?

ok…here’s the deal: i have a pocket pc (iPAQ/COMPAQ sieries) and i want to download BlenderPocket for it. But the thing is, i need either windows mobile 2003 SE, or windows mobile 5 in order to operate BlenderPocket on my pocket pc (or even run it for that matter). So my question is: does anybody know where i can download “windows mobile 2003 SE” or: “windows mobile 5” for free?

please help me…:frowning:

since when are compaq handhelds anything but windows competible?? plus its considered pirasy to download such material

if it’s considered piracy then why does verizon have it on their website for download at $15?..anyways, i meant to say that i need an UPGRADE, not JUST windows mobile 2003 SE/5 alone. Thanks for trying to help me though…

they are selling it, not giving it out for free

by asking for a download link, the assumption is that its for free

verizon has a contract with windows for destribution, its still not a free softwear and such a freee download is considered pirasy

whatever…anyways, can someone please tell me where i can get one of the above programs? if not for free, then where can i get it for cheap?

ok, ill help you out. either:
a) you cant.

b) ebay.

c) google.

OR you could try asking on a forum that specifically deals with PPCs