windows movie maker alternative?

I have made an animation using blender and have completed it with sound, and a bit of editing using windows movie maker. However windows movie maker can not produce a high quality final produt. Is there any alternative open source program that can produce a higher quality video?

thanks IBN

What format are you outputting your video in, As far as a i know windows moviemaker should be able to output a good quality output provided you choose the right outpus format. Failing that try

If you use windows movie maker, you’ll get .ase files, which cannot be edited with any other program. My son’s camcorder will only record in windows (ase) format .avi files, which means that I can only edit them in windows movie maker.

The alternative is to use something like virtualdub, a fantastic open source video editor which lets you choose output settings, video/audio compression and such. It even has several very powerful filters which you can ‘stack’ to produce quite sophistocated effects. You can also bring in audio separately if you wish.

Used in conjunction with blenders awesome sequence editor, there shouldn’t be much that you can’t achieve. I’ve used Adobe after effects and premier, and while they have their place in a professional situation, what’s available free is incredible.

Thanks a lot
Virtualdub looks good.


actually windows movie maker 2 is really a good program…easy to use-sharp result…

however it shows that it is microsoft:) the output is licensed and can not be editted even with virtual dub…