Windows/MSVC2015 Builds Ready for Testing

I wanted to test the Experimental VS 2015 ( from
But … Missing “pthread_dll.dll”
Which version of Visual C ++ redistributable do I need to install?


I got this too (i’m on win7x64) and want to know how to fix this error:confused:

I think until devs review the build flags with msvc 2015, you should rename pthreadVC2.dll to pthread_dll.dll (the file is found in the same folder where blender.exe is located).

This new VS2015 build gives no performance boost in my test (all official benchfiles form on an I5 3450. And many shaders are broken.

Hi stargeizer,

this works.

No performance boost with GPU and a little speed up (around 5%) with CPU.

Many thanks for your tip!