Windows not letting me open Blender with Blender

Hi everyone.
A few days i was just playing around with my computer (windows 7 home premium 64-bit) and changed the default program for blender to open with to notepad (dont ask me why) then when i tried to change it back i went into
properties > opens with > change > browsed for blender (both the application version and the short cut version) went back and the blender wasn’t in a list of prorams that i could choose from.
It would let me open with blender player but not the real blender
this isn’t a major situation, i can still go into blender and open a saved file from there, it would just be a little bit convinient if i didnt have to.
Any help or suggestion would be appreciated


From Windows Explorer:

  • right-click on any .blend
  • select Open With -> Choose Default Program
  • in the bottom-right corner of the dialog, click Browse…
  • this opens c:\Program Files; open Blender Foundation -> Blender
  • select Blender.exe and Okay you’re way back to WE.

If that don’t work, I’ll kiss the cow.