Windows of the Past

Hello Blenders,

Well here is my project for this week. Actually I have been working on it a little longer than a week. Had trouble getting the grass to look right. I have tried several enviorment maps, still not crazy about the one that I used. However I am not sure what I am looking for or why I a havent been happy with any of them.

I am working on some volumetric light to see if it gives it a little more life. This was only renered at 100 samples in Cycles, with just some color balance compositing, a little softening.

As you may notice I left a few things without textures, I didn’t really think I needed them. But I could be wrong.

So what are your thoughts, I posted here to get some feedback, good or bad, so lets hear it.

I like the scene. You could add some more details to make it more interesting. for example could something dangle in the window, just a little string, or an old lamp. maybe something transparent, so the light can go through it.