[windows] project SoC GLSL

Hello, I make a windows compilation of the SoC project about GlSl 3D viewport

Download on graphicall

I upload a corrected release with all the glsl file, sorry

thanks for the build

Aside from Windows libs or whatnot do you think it is free of reliance’s for windows stuff? As in if I try and make an OSX build will I need some sort of lib that is only in windows?

Fragment shader compile error: GLSL disabled… :frowning:

(while GLSL is available…)

ok the new build says ‘GLSL Program linked’

how can I see the GLSL materials in the viewport?

thanks in advance

Lguillaume, this is in fact the SoC I am looking forward to the most. All the other advanced animation tools are just beyond me…

An I using it right?

Aardbei <- I have this same trouble. I can’t enabled GlSl :(. I have ATI Radeon 9600 PRO (it supported OpenGL 2.0). Which graphic card do you have ? Here is my screenshot:

I think it probably would work on OSX because there is a linux build(therefore no windows dependencies)
by the way I am having the same problem, and I know that glsl works on my computer (Radeon X1300)

I think I had to create new lights and materials? before the GLSL shader was obvious to me

thanks for the help

I’m still using the Radeon Mobility Thingy :slight_smile:

Just noticed there’s only up to OpenGL 1.4 on the thing…


Built the latest SVN last night on Fiesty and i get this starting blender with -w:

float amb_fac = u_mat_0_amb_fac; float emit = u_mat_0_emit; int hard = u_mat_0_hard; vec3 result = material_0(diff_color, spec_color, norm, alpha, diff1, diff2, diff3, spec1, spec2, spec3, amb_fac, emit, hard); gl_FragColor = vec4(result, alpha);}

Memoryblock GLSL Node Code: end corrupt

GLSL Program linked.

GLSL MaterialTree created.

GLSL Material removed.

GLSL MaterialTree removed.

GLSL Program removed.

GLSL Light removed.

GLSL MaterialTree removed.

GLSL deactivated.

I’m using a Nvidia FX7200. (Too Old?)


Rebuilt with an svn update this morning and all works now. Great!

thanks for this release lguillaume!
i have a vaio laptop with nvidia geforce go 64OO.
games like doom 3, far cry, fear, chronicles of riddick, or even the new tomb raider anniversary with next gen
effects are working (although sluggish) on my little machine.
trying out the “451_BlenderSoc_glsl.zip”-blender on winxp produces these effects:
first, blender starts, blenders gui turns up withouth nothing, everything is grey and where my mouse is located there is a pink stripe under it, i guess with some warning, but the inscription is not visible.
1 image shows this.
then i move my mouse or click on the pink stripe the familiar blender gui shows up withouth any problems, under my mouse pointer a new warning stripe. (oh, i do have to mention that the first time when blender starts there is no upper header for the user preferences, i had to create one)
2. image shows this.
anyway, going under system and opengl i can see that by default my glsl preview button is disabled. if i press the button this shows up on a warning stripe:“glsl fragment shader compile error:glsl support disabled”. however, it turns out that i have glsl. i created a small scene with a lamp and a monkey, gave her a material and a procedural texture (distorted noise) and gave this texture to the bump map channel. moving the light updated the scene, i can see the procedural live on the monkey, and when i move the light everything is updated live…its frikkin awesome!
there are some drawbacks: to actualy see the procedural texture on the monkey, the default poligon count is not enough…i had to turn on subsurf with 2 levels. and this SLOWS DOWN the live update like hell, but still manageable. its incredible how the render and the live glsl preview looks almost identical. this feature is a big-big-big help for me.
3rd image shows glsl procedural bump mapping on suzanne live in the 3d window.
the last image shows what the console produces during startup, its a big image.
4th image.
i just have one feature suggestion: it would be cool if i dont have to subdivide or apply subsurf on my mesh to actualy see some texture detail, it would be cool like the new feature in this blender build like the one for previewing textures in the 3d window: under system and opengl the gl texture clamp feature…so somehow combine this two…so when i create a simple cube, apply a procedural texture on it, the texture’s detail dont come out (oh, and this goes on simple loaded images as well, the same effect, i have to subdivide the mesh to see it clearly in glsl mode), i have to subdivide the cube a few times. why? it would be cool to set a global amount like in the gl texture clamp:125, or 256, or more…
anyway, thanks for this test build, awesome job so far!
looking forward to experiment with this more, if i come up with something interesting i’ll post it…

Update : http://graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=450

Added spot light and area light

I cannot open the updated version because glew32.dll was not found (and isn’t on my computer). I’m on XP Home SP2.

My bad I miss the file, I upload the archive same adresse : http://graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=450

Yes, actual material preview in 3d view would be more than nice.

I’m having all the same problems Aardbei and gaalgergely are having. The pink bars, no user preferences window (but when you try to create one, it sudenly appears and you have 2),unable to turn the GLSL preview on in the user preferences window (although it is active, the viewport shows shaders and textures). A lot of errors popping up and the command window is full (i’m trying to figure out how to increase the cache so I can show you the complete text). Also, the menus are acting strange. When you hover over Add (in the toolbox), the submenu is ofsetted down. This is true for all submenus.

Windows XP Home SP2
ATI Mobility Radeon X1300

I experience the same problems with the latest build as the ones described by egan.

I have:

Windows XP SP2
ATI radeon 9600

If you can’t enable the GLSL button in the user preferences, please report the errors you get in the console. Preferrably with as much as possibly of the text, but the most important are the lines that say “error: …”, I think even with a small buffer they should be still visible.

There are some differences between graphics cards drivers from ATI and NVidia, and different driver versions, etc, so probably some work will be needed to make the code compatible.

I would expect this to run on Nvidia Geforce FX, 6, 7, 8 and ATI X, X1, X2 and HD eventually, and maybe some newer Intel cards. Some older cards do support GLSL, but have limitations and probably won’t be able the handle the complexity of a Blender material.

This makes me think you don’t have GLSL actually, since currently there is no support for textures. This per vertex shading with render materials has been there for a long time.

sorry, completely OT:
@brecht, not that it is really important, but I sent you a PM again a few days ago, maybe it is time to enable notification… :yes: