Windows screwed up again.

I was trying to use icon replacer but when I found out it was a trial then I uninstalled(after resetting the icons) but now my DVD drive’s doesn’t change according to what type of media is in.(not the icons from autorun.inf but the labels that go over the icon when a disc is in like “CD-RW” or “DVD-RW”)

Yep, you know what to expect with windows. Or at least you can expect not to.


At least, I didn’t.

I didn’t realize I was pregnant… good thing I’m on a mac, so I can just hit CMD+Q to have a vmware abortion.


Yall know my opinion on MicroSUX…

I come with a very small problem and everyone and their dog spams me?

they arent spamming you, they’re just telling you the truth. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, you didnt realize that austen was pregnant, a spammer is using leet speak to name himself, Euroipods are mandatorily referred to in Windows error boxes, Microsoft does not expect Paint to function correctly, Windows has now crashed, and you now have a dead box that spams your face every time you turn it on. That, my friend, is Microsoft Windows.

The best idea is to go to Linux. lol

Yeah, Linux is a piece of shit too.

Yeah, with a price point that matches.

gotta be better than windows

And there you have your lesson, don’t hack your win install,
unless you know what your doing. :wink:

And even more importantly, don’t post this kind of stuff in the Off-Topic,
its got a mind of it’s own…

For those of you that dislike/hate microsoft/windows, this should cheer you up…:D:D

…Now, I could be wrong, but doesn’t most of MS’s software use XML in one form or another. If so then in effect, they may be banned from selling any software…:evilgrin::evilgrin::evilgrin:

Seriously doubt that patent will pass the ‘prior art’ test.

Probably just some pump and dump stock scheme.

>Windows screwed up again.

found your problem.

I don’t think non-windows users should flame this guy. Try and help him.

Is this ‘icon replacer’ a third party app? Isn’t there a feature on windows where you can reset your hard drive, back to a specific date? So just ‘rewind’ to before you installed this software?

I don’t use Windows either, but I agree with mikahl; the problem is needing a solution.
Alienkid10… perhaps you could reinstall the CD-ROM drivers? It’s a long shot though they might replace any missing / interfered with files. Alternatively there are registry repair programs out there but you have to watch out for the spyware ones.

I think you have tried all and now its time to install windows again, this is the only solution which i can see for you.