[Windows] Simple Coin game (slot game)

Greetings. While studying scripting Python I finally finished my very simple coin game, which is extremely ugly.


  • 3 slots
  • single highest wins record
  • ugly Ui

Space = Triggers a roll
1,2,3 = locks a slot
up arrow = increases bet

Microsoft Windows

If you run in to a bug, let me know. Tested only by myself, but I had to declare this project as finished so I can move on.

You may download the game HERE

Game ran solidly, nice work

I’m running windows 8 and when i tried launching the game it said it can run it. However I am able to run all my other .blends and blender exports.

Oh noes. I have never used Windows 8 so I am completely unable to give and answer or solution for your problem. I hope you or someone else can. Does it give any error anywhere?

Going to download the game, but are screenshots possible?