Windows that let light through?

(Ronson2k3) #1

Is there a way I can build a window (transparent object) that will let light pass through it. If not is there a way to simulate that.

I want to build a ship that has reflected in the windows the outside enviroment but also see the inside of the ship. I also want the shadows of the available light that is passing out from inside the ship to be scene on the outside.

When I put in a window or transparent object ther is no light passing through it. I can see inside but there is no light making it outside.

Any help appreciated.

(z3r0 d) #2

set on the materials of the objects that you want to recieve light going through the window the trashadow option and use a ray shadow

(Ronson2k3) #3

I wondered what that was for. Thanks for your help