Windows Vista RC1

Has anyone used the latest Vista RC1? I would like to know how stable it is and maybe what your impressions are.

PS: Please no OS wars, or MS bashing. I am pretty much aware of all the other os out there. This is just about the curent release of Vista.

From what I heard, Windows Vista isn’t very succesful.
I don’t know much about it, though.

Yep, I’ve heard a lot of negetivity about it, but people usually like to bash MS, myself included…
However, I’m one of the unfortunate ones who have to use it. Next year most of the rest of the world will be using it, so I would like to know as much as possible in advance.

This contains some info on the new features of MS Windows Vista.
Looks like more of the same, with mostly tiny additions.

I was hoping to get some info from people with first hand experience…

I’m going to install it when I get home from school, so I can tell you what I think about it tomorrow… But I have seen it on one of my friends comp, and it looked muchh faster and more stable than the betas…

Man, check out those sytem requirements, they’re pretty unreasonable. Computers are much fater, yeah, but taking up that much? I’d like to use that for rendering or games.

Yeah, that’s the main thing I’d like to find out about.
Sometimes, the fact that it requires more resources does not mean that it actually run slower. I remember when Windows NT4 came out, it required higher pc resources than Win95, but actually ran faster on such pcs, because it could take better advantage of those resources. In other words, on a high-end pc NT4 was faster than 95, while on an lower-end pc 95 was faster.
Of course I’m hoping that Vista will do the same…

I have just installed vista but i’m sad to say that blender isn’t running very good on my comp… The menu’s are slow to respond and the viewport is laggy… :confused:

I thought I heard that they had solved the problems with opengl, but maybe I remember wrong…

I heard vista was going to have some conflict with OpenGL so that may be your problem. Maybe if the interface renderer was optional and blender could utilize direct x on the windows version, it would run better on vista. I havent tried the OS myself but it looks really pretty to say the least = )

windows vista is a piesa s**t, its exactly the same thing as XP with a different style and a few features such as faster indexing and searching (movies and music) and an auto competability check softwear that determins if something will run on it and if not it will adapt to it

thats about it
read the reviews on (not people, the pro review)