Windows Vista vs Windows 7


Which operating system does blender perform best on? Vista or 7


well in my experience and the way things are going today linux or apple mac is a good choice :((

I’m on windows vista atm.

I have a very powerful PC but my blender sometimes crashes during rendering or when there is alot of things going on and sometimes it crashes randomly.

Does this happen on other operating systems?

My Blender does not crash or ever mess up. The only thing that gets on my nerves with blender is since 2.5 is not finished I experience tons of buggy issues, also whenever I save a file, vista doesn’t save it right, they throw it into compatibility files and taht’s one of the most annoying things to ever happen to me. But other than that, vista isn’t too bad. I still hate it though.

To answer the OP’s question, from hearsay around the net, stuff runs better on Windows 7. I doubt it’d be noticeably faster though. If you already have Vista, you could try the Windows 7 RC (if they didn’t take it off their site yet.)

I actually prefer Windows 7, but there you cannot beat Linux for Blender speed. You can play around with Ubuntu easy enough with WUBI and see for yourself. I ended up saving over 24 hours of render time by rendering a project in Linux versus XP on the same machine. That’s awesome. Wubi allows you to install Ubuntu Linux in a directory and easily remove it from the Add/Remove software icon in the Control Panel. It doesn’t mess with your partitions so it is a great way to check it out. You will need to install the proprietary drivers to get full OpenGL acceleration though.