Windows visual styles...

I was wondering if any of you who use XP or Vista use third-party visual styles, and if you do how safe is patching uxtheme.dll?

I’ve patched mine a few times nothing bad has happened just be careful when downloading the actual visual styles, thats where ive run into problems

I have not had any problems with xp or vista.

I always patch uxtheme.dll on a fresh install. It’s safe. I think the neowin or whatever it’s called, patch works fine. I’ve found some nice styles @ happy skinning!

You can always make a backup of uxtheme.dll. I haven’t had any problems except for the fact that many visual styles are more heavy in memory use than the regular xp and certainly the '95 one.

I’d also look at using a Bricopack. I love the Vista Inspirat Bricopack. It updates not only the theme but start up and shutdown screens and many others.

Could someone link me to a patcher? Also any good free programs to design a style your self?

If you install the Vista Inspirate Bricopack (Google it) it will patch all the files you need. You can then install other visual styles as well.

I don’t want a bricopack.

Also off-topic I can’t seem to figure out how it install xfce themes could someone post/pm and tell me exactly how to do it?(specifically Murrina crystal)

I’ve been creating visual styles for about a year and a half now, so I can probably help you out. Couple of questions though, do you have XP or Vista? If it’s xp, which service pack are you using? I need to know so I can point you in the direction of the correct patcher.

As for the software to design styles yourself, I use Stylebuilder, but it isn’t free. I have to warn you that when you first use a style building tool, the sheer volume of cryptic and badly explained functions will make your head spin. It took me two solid weeks of messing around and changing settings before I started to understand what options did what.

For the actual styles, nothing beats Deviant:

XP SP3. Know any free style designers for XP?