Windows vs. Mac

I hope I don’t ruffle any feathers, but here it is. I’m poking some fun at Windows for obvious reasons, I think it’s pretty simple to understand the idea. Don’t get me wrong, Windows is a good OS. Since is just a fun little project I put a couple of boxes that are common for Window users to buy, and a roll of tape holding it all together. Believe it or not I am a Windows user :frowning:
P.S I wonder has anybody done this with Mac and Linux?

Hehe. Funny. I like it!

… I wish I had a mac machine. I use a dual boot linux/windows machine as it is, but Mac has some killer software. <.<

Hm…wait until you get a Mac…there are a lot of reasons why Macs are better, but “problem-free” isn’t one of them :slight_smile:

Nice job with the art, even if the Mac is missing a halo :wink:

Maybe the details should be a bit bigger, like the text on the boxes, or the size of the virii? They seem a bit blurry.

Thanks guys I wish I could get Mac! Wonder what would happen if I would show this Bill Gate$?

He would laugh and then jump in a pool of money.

That settles Mac Vs. Windows, now we need…


Nice pic! :smiley:


It looks a little too “Perfect”.
But I like the scene and the way, you used the lights.

Am sorry about my bad english. %|

Some Off-Topic.

I am Mac-User.

OSX is frustrating, if you use Public-Domain-Software deeply.
Often, the Apps do not work properly.
In another case, they are compiled as Packages for an newer OSX so they don’t work at all. Grrrrrr!

For a long time I have been Linux-User (PC, not Mac). (I used windows only, if Linux won’t do the task ).
Probably, I would change to Linux as soon as I can.

Nice pic… One thing you should think about. It’s not “Windows VS Mac”, it’s “Windows VS MacOS/OSX”. Mac isn’t a OS it’s almost the same to say that PC is an OS.

Tell me if I’m wrong (In that case, it wouldn’t be the first time)

Kotle, you are not wrong!

Mac is not virusfree but it is sure safer then windows… at least as long as windows keeps being the most used, if the situation ever change I’m sure that this will change too!

But anyway… is very nice Pic!

Thanks for the replies everybody. I would also like to see a IE vs. Firefox scene, I’m pretty sure that Firefox would win!

Very nice image! Its nice to see windows in tatters, even though I use it too :slight_smile: Bijin made a good indirect point though, you’ve done some nice details on the windows side to make it seem in a mess, but the Mac OSX (Kothe :wink: ) icon is just as it normally is. Get a halo added as was already said, and maybe little angel wings or something, you know what I mean.

Firefox vs IE would be a great one.

In the RED corner, I picture it as about 4 or 5 kinda toony realistic foxes (because of wonderful tabbed browsing) with racing gear on (cause its fast and efficient).

In the BLUE corner would be Bill Gates sitting in a big throne chair in the shape of the IE icon, but its made out of flimsy plastic and its cracked all over. Also old Bill is so up to his ears in dollars he is choking to death. (dunno how easy/hard that would be to do he he)


the windows elements have a good illustrative quality.
the apple logo doesnt do anything. thats the problem i see here.
you clearly have a message in you head. try to find something
to underline that message with the apple logo.


actually kothe… your’e wrong lol. i use a mac just so every1 knows, and macintosh is an OPERATING SYSTEM not hardware. APPLE is a company that makes HARDWARE and COMPUTERS.

P.S. the caps are just for emphasis, not to be screaming at people :wink:

edit osx is the version of the macintosh operating system, thats why when you boot up a mac, it sais “welcome to macintosh osx” edit

Love the simplistic detail. It looks bare, but fulfilling if you know what I mean.
Also, fantastic concept. I use Windows/Linux and my friend uses Mac, we’re always at eachother at who’s OS is better :slight_smile:


Very nice! I think that the Windows thing could do with a bit more beating up (ie. discolouration). Still, very nice work!

The only thing that sucks about a Mac is a better one comes out every 4-6 months. And Blender developer builds don’t work on my iBook. Otherwise, go Mac, and I can’t wait for my MacBook.

Reminds me of this video. I’m sure it’s not true but it’s a good laugh.

ie7 beta comes out and some joker registers, check it out.

nice pic btw.

(i actually prefer opera but firefox beats ie any day)
(i also have windows/linux dual boot but I’d love to have an osx machine)

Nice pic! Lol… What is firefox tho…havent heard of it,probablry som weak attemt at a ie lookalike. That is what bill gates whould say. nice pic.

I like the windows icon , how long did it take you tho? :smiley:

actually, IE copied firefox… they copied the previos mozilla to. all the ‘new’ features in IE7 are stolen off of mozilla or opera.

AAAAH! You don’t know about Firefox?!!! :o It is a VERY good alternative browser to IE, it’s open source like Blender, there aren’t nearly as many security holes as IE, there is tabbed browsing, there are tons of helpful and fun extensions, and it’s free. After you download this, I can (almost) guarantee you won’t use IE unless you absolutely have to. I say almost because I have a friend who actually went back. :frowning:

[Edit] And no, it is NOT some weak attempt at an IE lookalike. Why would we want that? :stuck_out_tongue: