Windows XP Pro x64

I am building my new PC soon (see thread “New Computer, need advice”) and I will put Windows AND Linux. I don’t know about the Linux yet, help there is appreciated. But I have obtained [legally (for real)] a copy of XP x64. I know nothing about it, but I have heard it can mess stuff up, and not work. Is this true? How’s Blender run on it?

From what i’m aware, it runs 32bit apps much the same way linux does, however anything that requires a 32bit driver will not work /install, such as things requiring direct X? rather than those that use openGL directly…

everything you install must be a 64 bit version. other than above^

Windows can mess stuff up, period. Doesnt matter what version you have :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure how Blender runs on Win64 but I wouldn’t suggest using it; a lot of users seem to have masses of trouble with it. Obviously 64 bit versions of programs aren’t as plentiful as 32 bit versions. If you can get a 32-bit version of Windows XP, for now that is your best bet. Holding out until Vista releases is also an option.

As for Linux, check out Should be pretty friendly; just make sure to do some reading before diving in.

windows xp 64+ just plane sucks. i ran it as a fresh install on my new computer. fresh built. had tons of problems, from bad drivers, to apps that run in 32 bit not running at all on x64. as of right now, you will get no increase from running windows 64 yet you will get lots of headaches. you can run linux in 64 bit but i couldnt even suggest runnign windows

Oh hell, guess I’ll have to buy the 32 bit… Curses! :mad: Freeble-scharling nubblefritz dunshatz!!! #$&@$%!!!

lol oh well
theres always mac osx hint hint :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just built a new system, AMD Dual Core on Gigabyte K8N Pro-Sli mobo, 2gig ram, MSI NVidia 6600 VGA, etc. I’m running WinXP64 and it runs fine!
I’m no fan of Microsoft, but I’ve had no big problems. There are 64bit drivers for all my hardware (on this pc) and it runs all my software, including Blender.
I could go as far as saying that it is a most stable system, for Windows anyway.
The only thing that doesn’t run on it is most anti-virus apps, like Norton, McAfee, etc. Yet I’ve discovered Avast! ( www. ). Its free for home use and does the job.
Of course, some games, especially older ones, will not work either.
Although I’ve seen many complaints about WinXP64, personally I don’t see what the problem is.

Well, I’m looking at the cd’s and here’s the deal. My father went to his work place and asked for a copy of xp, we got 2 cd’s.

-English Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 (Product Key Required) November 2004 Systems Student Media

The other disk says:

-English Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 edition (Product Key Required) May 2005 Servers Student Media / Work At Home Media

w007!!! 500th post!!!

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What does this mean?
I just use the first one, ignore the “Servers” x64 one?

I don’t understand. :confused:

you simply havent found a program that doesnt like win64. when the program doesnt like it, it will install fine but then crap all over you when you try to run it. i found all the x64 drivers and installed them with no problems but x64 wastn worth it. the programs i needed to have wouldnt run at all, and they messed up my sys.

says you need a key for both so why do you have to go and buy it>

wait till vista comes out. it should have great support with x64 apps. (wishful thinking???)

I must admit, a few minutes after my post on my troublefree WinXP64 system, my Lan network crashed…
Can’t blame the 64bit though, since there are 3 x 32bit pc’s and 1 x 64bit. Microsoft’s networking is just about a decade behind. Nice to spend the day sorting out network problems instead of working productively!!
As I said, I’m no Microsoft fan.
Hopefully, by the time Vista is released, I’ll have a full Linux system up and running.

just got rid of windows. didnt really mean to but hey its gone and im happy with full linux support.
fedore core 4. (didnt have cd’s to burn 5)

I can’t get rid of windows. I’ve got ALL these games for Windows that I love to play, couldn’t give that investment up.

i have tons of games to. yet windows is gone.

i just found that i wasnt playing them anymore. so theyre gone.