windows XP Problem

Hello, i have the following problem:

after each rendering progress blender’s goin to crash, i’m using windows xp !
Does anybody have an advice what to do ?!!!

I have Win XP Pro here and Blender runs perfectly fine. What versiojn of Blender are you using?


blender creator 2.23 ! it perfectly works with win 98 and debian gnu linux !

try using RenderView instead of RenderWin (in the Display settings).


I have Blender running on two computers. Both run XP Home. Both are Dells - one is a desktop and the other is a laptop. The laptop works great, and the desktop crashes like you described. I believe it is a NVidia driver problem on the desktop, but I haven’t resolved it yet.

Windows XP Home edition, Geforce video card, Blender 2.25 or 2.23

No problems here!

Xp home edition, Athlon XP, Geforce 3 + Detonators 28.32, and erg… no problem 8)
Update your drivers. It’s often the solution to most of Blender’s problems, not always, but often. :slight_smile: