windows xp problem

There is a kind of bug in Blender (I currently have Blender 2.25) since I installed windows xp on my comp.
Mainly, the menus (ex: file or tools, save/load, too…) appear and disappear slowly (one menu item at once) in a pretty awful way. Also when I move the mouse over items of these menus, the “highlited” section doesn’t seem to follow the mouse pointer instantly as itis supposed to do. In fact it’s hard to describe precisely this bug but Blender itself seem to run slowler.
When I had windows millenium edition Blender worked perfectly, so I think that is not caused by an uncompatible graphic card… (I use a Ati Rage Fury… something like that…) but I may be wrong…

So, please help me 'cause I can’t wait anymore to see that my good fellow Blender is healty again… Thanks !

I wish I had a fix for this too. I’m having the same problem since I installed WinXP Pro. I used to use blender on Win98SE with no flickering menus. This problem is the main reason I’m still using blender version 2.23. My video card is a Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64 (with updated drivers)and I have a Pentium3 497MHz with 256MB RAM.
Can somebody help us? :expressionless:

hey, ive got 2 computers, one has the problem, and one doesnt, both are running the same XP, but both have different video cards, it helps slightly if u raise the refresh rate, so try that, but if u (when I) raise it to high, blender stops working altogether, so yea i hope i helped even if it was ever so slightly


I have this problem too, though it’s not anything major so I don’t worry about it. The interface is OpenGl so that suggests this is related to graphics drivers.

I use an Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti4200 (44.03 drivers) and Windows XP Pro.

Alternatively this may be a conflict with one of the many features in XP.

Try turning off the mouse shadow in XP. That’s what worked for me.

Also if you just installed XP check that it’s running in the correct video display mode for your graphics card. I think the default is AGP.

i’ve got the same problem so i’ve got to use my dad’s laptop. i’ve got 2 other computers both running win 98 SE one at 90mhz(yes 90mhz) and another and 200mhz and blender works fine on them but at that speeds it takes ages. :frowning: