Windows XP slow performance

Hi everybody, this is my first post so be kind :smiley:

I am somewhat new to blender, I used it a while back with version 2.0 but I am mainly a film producer/videographer/editor.

I just downloaded the newest version of Blender today.

When I first start it up it runs great. really smooth no problems at all. But after it has been running for about 5 min things will start to get really slow. and I’m not talking about choppy movement, it will let me rotate or zoom fine, but after I do so it seems to have to think for a while. I can’t even select any buttons. I ran the benchmark and it still showed that I had a sustained framerate of over 100fps, but selecting buttons is slow, everything I do is slow. It took my about 4 min just to save a small project that I was working on. The weird thing is, it doesnt matter if I have a lot of things going on, or just the default box on the screen. The longer that blender runs the slower it gets.

I am running a P4 2.4Ghz with 1 gig ram
I have an ATI radeon 9600XT and have never had 3d performance issues, (this really doesn’t seem like a performance issue as it will move and rotate fine, when it allows me to, but it gets really slow after I do so.

If I close and then reopen the project it is fine again for about 5 min. I tried to do a search on this problem but could find none. Any help would be much appreciated.


It is your card. All ATI cards do this. Until the next release comes out (in which the problem is fixed), go to the forums, and go to the testing builds. Then, you download the newest bf-blender version.

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Hey, thanks for the quick response. So it’s an ATI thing huh. That sucks. Is this to be fixed in the next version of blender or in the next driver update from ATI? I went to the Testing builds, but it looks like I already downloaded the latest version. :frowning: Is there a previous version that you would reccomend using, possibly before this problem started with the ati cards? or am I just out of luck. Thanks again.

You need to download the 2.34 pre-release. And yes, It will be fixed in the next Blender version.


I think you may have seen this thread but I thought Iwould post the link just in case it helps, don’t know if it does, because I have Nvidia.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks R2Blend and kencanvey, I downloaded the ati patch and it now runs great. I can now get back to work on making our production company logo and animation.

Thanks again


No prob. :slight_smile:

glad to be of assistance :smiley: