Windows XP taskbar annoyance

First of all, thanks for reading,

I’m having a small annoyance with my windows XP taskbar. Somehow, an additional separator called “handles” has slipped itself into my task bar and I can get rid of it.

Here’s the screenshot. The task bar is unlocked and because of this handle it limits the area of my taskbar. How do I remove it?

And how to you decide which taskbar startup at login (I want to remove that language bar) ?

Thanks a bunch. And i know some possible answers like

  1. Get a Mac
  2. Get Linux


well first off there are 2 of them over there, and one of them can be pulled to the right (its the bar that specifies how many inactive icons to show or the one thats suposed to be located right next to the START menu

u can just drag them around untill u get them to be where they need to be

I think that is a Quick Links toolbar.
Right click on toolbar, and disable the active Toolbars.

And be sure to lock the taskbar once you’ve turned off the toolbars so that this doesn’t happen again. It’ll also make it smaller, and make those grippers (as they’re called in Stylebuilder/Windowblinds) disappear.

yeah, drag it right then lock it.

easy peasy. my taskbar is pretty customisaed to how i want it