Windows XP vs. Blender - MMB conflict

I’m having a farily irritating problem with my new computer, on which Blender has, naturally, been installed within the first ten minutes of swtich on. The problem is this:
Everyone knows that to rotate or move the view in Blender means clicking the middle mouse button and moving the cursor. However, in my new PC, what happens when I click the MMB (a mouse wheel in this case), a irritating little window pops up labelled ‘document flip’, and shows me all the applications I have open in the task bar, offering to let me switch between them.
I’ve never actually encountered this before, and I’ve looked all over a number of microsoft help forums, and I’ve also perused my mouse controls in Control Panel, but there seems to be no way of deactivating this attention seeking little bugger.
I can’t use Blender unless this is fixed, or at least not without a certain amount of difficulty. Help, please!

Its likely that you have a custom mouse control application running that “intercepts” certain buttons and performs specially definable functions with them. Check your tray.

A Vista-thing i guess?

ok, fixed it. Turns out it WAS the mouse software. I just had to change the controls to set the middle mouse button as ‘middle button’, and now it works fine! was paniking there for a bit. Thanks mzungu!

Good news. It is rarely Blender’s fault !

I have also seen Mac special software interfere with Blender operation as well.


Windows XP vs. Blender - MMB conflict


@tawnyowl, i’m assuming it’s a prebuilt pc, right? If you build your own PCs you have a 100% clean HD on first start. No crapware or bloatware installed by the manufacturer. cheers