Windows10: configuring the numpad "." to give a ":" using a bucky key

I type a lot of time stamps, and would prefer that there be a “:” (a colon) on the numpad.

My thought was that “CTRL+.” or “SHFT+.” would be adequate.

I dl’d the aged Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, and it seemed like it SHOULD do the job, it seems to think it HAS done the job (its interface thinks so), but the numpad “.” stubbornly continues to output “.” in the real world of typing.


Autohotkey offers great opportunities for keyboard pervalalization and much more.

I do luvvvz me some AHK: it can actually “add” features to programs that were too lazy to complete their feature set!

It dropped off my use list when I upgraded to W10, time to get it back in rotation methinks. Thanks for the reminder.

have you installed and chosed keyboard that You created?

When you use the test facility inside MKLC, it fails, even though the UI says it should be outputting a “:”.

Thats weird, what language as base are You want to make that keyboard? i could prepare that for You.

This us English US: layout01.7z (145.4 KB)

You can alternatively use SharpKey.
But that will change not what You type by pressing “.”, but act as you clicker other key.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you are saying here.

I think I will use AHK, because I was looking for a reason to use it again, and this seems like a good way to work it back into the mix. I thought this would be easy w/a Microsoft tool, but there it is.