WindowsXP missing accounts!

I was playing around with the account types (i entered somthing in “run” control user accounts2 or something). it’s a bunch of options for user account. and i noticed that there were admins, resticted, and standard account types, and everyone, except the admin file, was restricted. so i set one to standard to see what would happen, i didn’t realy like some of the restrictions other accounts had. It came up with an error, i tried another account, same thing. so i gave up on that. but those two accounts were no longer on the welcome sceen, so i went to change the two back to restricted, but they werent on that list either.

The files are still there, if i goto C:\documents and settings\ the account files are still there. I need them back. Is there a way to change them back manually? so far they seem to be missing from only the welcome screen and Controle User Accounts2.

Thanks in advance.

hello there you get no reply yet
I wonder if you do system restore to earlier time you get out of mess before you do unfortunate explorations
also I give you site
if you look you see some like 272,257,314,352 that may be help a bit although I don’t think exact match maybe do restore before all else.
also I wonder if you have TweakUI powertoy if so look at logon to enable show on screen
hey do my best but not expert. :wink: hope this helps but don’t do hasty stuff to registry if you don’t know about.
(standard advice i read and pass on;) )

Thanks, but I didnt find the answer.

When I goto “my computer” it has My Documents for every user except the missing ones. But if i were to go to c:\documents and settings\ there are the doc folder for every user including the missing.

so the files are still on the comp.

Are you logged in as admin or owner?

admin i think

The are three kinds of user-accounts: (note: the actual words used may change) - Admin users are all-powerful … as are the programs, including viruses and malware, that they may run. There should be only one Admin, password-protected and used only for system updates. - Limited users are “ordinary” users … non-Admin but without further restrictions. Your usual, every-day account should be one of these, even if it’s “your” compuer and no one else uses it. - Restricted users are Limited users with further restrictions placed on them. When your nephews want to use your machine, it is a very good idea %| to give them one of these. It should go without saying that every one of these should have a non-trivial password.

Here’s the biggest reason why everyone should do this: viruses and malware. Any program that you run, or that runs in your session, runs as “you” … with “your” full power and authority. It behooves you, then, that those powers should be no more powerful than is required to do the job. Malware likes to do nasty things like modify DLLs and EXEs and to make global changes to the system registry. “Limited” users are not allowed to do such things. They can only affect “their” files and “their” registry-entries.

You can have as many accounts as you want, and all of the files owned by each one are neatly protected. That protection is very well-enforced by the system: applications, including nasty ones, cannot ignore it. Every modern Windows version has it (so does OS/X and Linux). In the case of Windows and OS/X, all you have to do is … turn it on %| and use it.

you didn’t try a restore yet?
I wonder if you had important information under My Documents for these users that now seems to be lost? Is that the main worry at the moment? You don’t have backup for those?
You also should try MS information database and google search to see if others have had same problem at some time. Often you find things out there if you go looking. Possibly for google you need to try several ways of saying your problem to lead to maybe answer.
If all else fails and you can’t fix maybe you delete the Doc and Settings entries and remake those accounts as new? Honestly though I tell you I only know just enough about pc to use ok so you should do big search or ask people with lot of know how before you do further things that maybe can’t be undone. Not too much worries at the moment although bits lost somewhere it is all working.You find solution soon :slight_smile:

On my XP, others couldnt run many apps as only admins could for some reason, so i looked up account types within windows, and it said that there were FOUR types: limited, restricted, standard, and admin.

I thought standard would let everyone else run programs. So read that you type Control User Accounts2 in RUN would let you change account types.

I did so. It gave me options to set then to any of the four. I changed one but it said I couldnt ( forget the actuall error ) So i tried another. Didnt work either. So i quit.

When I started my comp up later, those two accounts were missing from the Welcome screen.

I went to change them back on control user accounts 2 but they werent they either.

I thought they were deleated, but if i goto: C:\documents and settings
there are USER’s documents for every account. inclueding the missing ones. If i goto MY COMPUTER, there are the drives ( a:\ c:\ d:\ ) and USER’s documents for every account EXCEPT the missing two.

But the account folder in MY COMPUTER and DOCUMENTS AND SETTING seem to be the same thing, so I dont know if I can just cut&past it.

But I looked around and found some hidden files in LOCAL SETTING and in the WINDOWS folder in there somewhere, has a CLASS folder. I opened the files in notepad, but I dont really see anything about what type it is.

I still havnt figured this out.

I doubt system restor is going to work. this happed quite a while ago.

There must be a way i can change account type by editing a file somewhere. Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about that?

Hrm… I think there is some source code out on the web, but you would get in trouble for having it…

Try this:

Restart your computer, and get to the log-in screen. Do NOT click on any user name (even doing it without typing a password can mess you up) and press <Ctrl><Alt><Delete> all at once. An old windows password-entry window should pop-up. Enter the missing users name and password. If windows boots with that user then you just made the account hidden (look on the web for tutorials, I did that to a friend of mine once, freaked him out how I got access to his computer :smiley: ) if it gives you an error, then you deleted the account, but their files are still there (I think this is a bug in windows, I did it before, I had to make a new account, but all my old files were there; I have long since switched to Linux).

I hope that helps. If their account IS still there, you can easily make them unhidden- look on google for “Windows Hacking hiding accounts” It will go through the registry editor process and change the values (which I assume is what you wanted to do) that make them hidden. I would reccommend NOT messing with the registry Editor (run: “regedit”) unless you know what you’re doing, because it is not well documented, and is hit+miss unless you wrote the software you are changing values for.

Hold on Tight,

If the account has been deleted, the files will remain in c:\documents and settings\

The account is gone, but the files remain. Also, you wont get “users documents” in “my computer” any more.

Did it get deleted? I changed them to STANDARD type which isnt supported on XP home ( stupid m$ put the option there anyways)

Well, I have no idea if it was deleted, but the symptoms are right.

Could I make a new account and use those files so its exactly like i left it? ie, temp files, desktop setup, internet history ect…

Accually there should be 2. NT based systems (includeing 2000, xp pro and above) requires the initial admin account to be there but it may be disabled. You should create a second admin account with another nondescript name, and set a password on it. From the second amin account disable the first. This way it is there but hackers can not use it to access your comp.

And do not use your admin account unless you have to for comp management.

Because of the way NT based windows works you should not have been able to recreated an account and get access to the files. You must have been running 9x, ME or XP home. I can not figure out any other reason that it would have worked because thier security is differnt then NT based.