Windproof lighter

Update!!From critisism I got on the old image

A windproof zippo style lighter. I wanted to try out this new PBR craze that is going on in the CG community. If you have any critic, please share it with me in the comments


Yes, I have a critic!
I keep him in a cage. His name is Gary and he hates Pulp Fiction.

And holy smokes, that render has, like all the chromatic aberration.

The box looks good, as far as one can discern beneath the aberration, but the lighter… I mean, I don’t have any particular issues with the model (not every petrol lighter needs to be a Zippo after all), but the texture is… too clean. Throw in a spec map (in a glossy setup, you can plug that into the roughness just fine), and maybe a brand name or something on the bottom, I don’t quite know. It’s a bit very plain, texture-wise. A few minor scratches, fingerprints on the metal, the chimney of every petrol lighter I’ve ever owned also turned blackish blue, a bit charred or sooty around the holes maybe (not, mind you, the metal itself - residue from the petrol or the wick).

And looking at this in full resolution… are the edges of the lid bevelled at all?

Thanks for the feedback,a little bit too cynical, but it is to be expected when you post something on the internet. I did the things you recommended and I got this as a result:

I have to admit it looks a little bit better(at least to me). The background looks plane in the original because of the lens distortion effect from the compositor.
I wanted it to look shiny, like new lighters look (out of the box polished) but I guess that when you are making Cg or any kind of art it has to be interesting.
I also made it a zippo because I was looking at collectible lighters on ebay, and I wanted to see if I can model and shade(btw this is entirely shaded,except for the scratches and smudges) one.
Thanks again for the feedback :wink:

See, that already looks a lot more like metal.

And cynicism is just how I roll, it helps with not descending into madness and/or alcoholism.

I take any criticism that’s thrown at me. If that’s the way you roll, I’m not gonna stop you, the world needs a little bit of cynicism and sarcasm .
Thanks again for the feedback!