Windrunner Statue (A fantasy character) - A test for some procedural materials

I love to experiment with materials. At the moment I am very fascinated of blenders node system. For this project I created two materials.

The first material I named „Rusty Gold“. I had the imagination of an old gold material with smooth green patina. I know gold has no patina… but I liked the style. :slight_smile:

The second material was more an accident… I called it „Cold Lava“. What is interesting about this material, is the dynamic color variation. The colors are iridiscent while you rotate the object and are changing the values on thy fly. Looks really cool.

What I really like is to work with procedural materials. So all materials for this project are procedural too, except the axe normal map. The normal map of the weapon is from my free 3D-Coat tutorial series on YouTube.

The statue is sculpted in 3D-Coat. It is an old sculpting I’ve done but never used in any projects. So it was a good test model for my materials. :slight_smile:

Ok then. Enough words. Here is the result. I hope you like it.

1st image: Final render (Cycles). Some glow FX added, in blender too.

2nd image: Details “Rusty Gold” material. Original render size.

3rd image: Details “Cold Lava” material. Original render size.


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Here are the main settings for my scene and the material preview for the Rusty Gold material.
I will overwork the material to reduce it to the most common options and make it more flexible.

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I have added some clay versions to my Windrunner model. So you can see more details. Unfortunately there are a lot of denoiser artefacts in the background.

Drop me a line if you have questions.

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